What's your favourite ide/code editor?


I mostly use netbeans. It’s cross-platform, user friendly yet powerful and light. Set up for remote compiling/project handling it’s easy to be done.
I liked codelite too, but unluckily the old version available for wheezy gives me some troubles.
I’m trying to move out from the noobs corner lately, so i’m experimenting with emacs and vim.
What about you? And what programming language do you use it for mostly?


vim for sure!

Check the “vim” small tutorial that you have in the Documents dir and you’ll be enlightened :wink:

And so if you like it, edit your .vimrc to see the ton of features shipped in the vim provided in Elive, you won’t look to any other editor after that lol


Offtopic: I have see some “what’s your favorite…” - like posts in the forum, topics about sharing experiences between users, this exactly thread is not really an off-topic thing but a sharing experience of applications

Maybe we need another section for these things in the forum? @yoda ?


  • Uses Corner -> Experiences ?
  • Uses Corner -> Applications ?
  • Uses Corner -> Customizations ?
  • Uses Corner -> Preferences ?

Mmmh… I don’t know what can be a good defining name for that


I didn’t noticed it yet! I will check it out for sure.

I will do, of course!


I think too many section with make the forum complex to use ?
We have a very fast and efficient search engine. With proper subject naming, search engine, I would not create a section for that. My opinion

BUt, it’s sure, this post could have also been posted in the Elive Application section but, personally I prefer it in the Off Topic :wink: