What's your favourite ide/code editor?


I mostly use netbeans. It’s cross-platform, user friendly yet powerful and light. Set up for remote compiling/project handling it’s easy to be done.
I liked codelite too, but unluckily the old version available for wheezy gives me some troubles.
I’m trying to move out from the noobs corner lately, so i’m experimenting with emacs and vim.
What about you? And what programming language do you use it for mostly?



vim for sure!

Check the “vim” small tutorial that you have in the Documents dir and you’ll be enlightened :wink:

And so if you like it, edit your .vimrc to see the ton of features shipped in the vim provided in Elive, you won’t look to any other editor after that lol

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Offtopic: I have see some “what’s your favorite…” - like posts in the forum, topics about sharing experiences between users, this exactly thread is not really an off-topic thing but a sharing experience of applications

Maybe we need another section for these things in the forum? @yoda ?


  • Uses Corner -> Experiences ?
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Mmmh… I don’t know what can be a good defining name for that



I didn’t noticed it yet! I will check it out for sure.

I will do, of course!



I think too many section with make the forum complex to use ?
We have a very fast and efficient search engine. With proper subject naming, search engine, I would not create a section for that. My opinion

BUt, it’s sure, this post could have also been posted in the Elive Application section but, personally I prefer it in the Off Topic :wink:


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vim is painful. i’m using it right now. are we sure it’s worth the pain? moreover being so “home row” centred, it’s not like switching to a different keyboard will completely destoy my habits once got used to it?



Nope not really, I suggest you to make a look to the “VIM” named document (in your Documents directory IIRC), it is a really nice introduction of how vim works (and how should be used) that may enlighten you :slight_smile: , if you don’t found vim a good one for you after to follow this small article, then definitively vim is not for you heh

Yeah vim is different, not a “click here click there” editor (and this is a good thing) but is worth to try it

BTW Elive ships with a set of the best preconfigured plugins for vim, you can check all of these features in editing your .vimrc* files



That’s the reason why i was willing to try out vim (over emacs, which is the other text editor i’d really liked to get to know)

I gave it a look and it’s pretty much good



It is an interesting question.

I’ve leaned a long time ago to handle Visual Studio, so this is my baseline until today. First a little Database frontend in .NET, later a little MS SQL BI debugging.
But even if I am bound to Microsoft in business, I’d like to keep it simple on Linux in private. You’ve always got something like vi/vim on any Unix based OS. Of course there are some strange editors as default, like nano, but even here you’ll get at least a vi preinstalled. In Windows You’ll need to download Notepad++ to get nearly the same experience.
For writing/debugging Android Apps, I am going with Eclipse. There are some modern IDEs available today, but I am not doing it so often that I want to change, now.
I am really don’t get the Arduino IDE. I am faster to write a project in VIM and upload it manually.

One big advantage from a huge GUI (Eclipse, Visual Studio, …) is to get your known environment fast.
# apt-get install eterm screen vim wget mutt
$ wget http://www.any_domain.com/linux/home/screenrc -o ~/screenrc
$ wget http://www.any_domain.com/linux/home/vimrc -o ~/.vimrc
$ wget http://www.any_domain.com/linux/home/muttrc -o ~/.muttrc
-> ready to rumble.

But over the years I’ve leaned to stick with the default. Mostly because I don’t have an own user on every environment I’m working on. So the only .rc I’m regular downloading is my .screenrc

To answer the Question: I’d like vim in general, and a recommended IDE for a specific task.
I am really thinking about switching my python projects from vim/git to Visual Studio … But not in near time.

Not to forget: vi/vim is working over Putty. Try this with Eclipse from a mobile.
And when we are on ‘make Windows less bad’, I’d recommend a look on ‘GOW’ (GNU on Windows), to get some things more done. The PowerShell provides a lot of enhancements, but sometimes a familiar Set of commands is faster.

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The first I got to know was leafpad and with that I have stuck. Now I tried to get the sound and resolution corrected on my armada 1700 (not yet succeeded, help needed) and searched the apps on elive and tried scite and it was so similar to leafpad that I don’t need to change.