Wikipedia page of Elive DELETED

As to answer @LupusE from IRC:

<LupusE> how many people reched elive via the wikipedia page? did you checked in the logs?
<LupusE> maybe it is for good. now we've able to build a, improved site? 

yes, the wikipedia page was the second source of users that comes to the elive website, so:

  1. distr0watch
  2. wikipedia
  3. others (don't remember / misc-less-important ones)
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BTW: having access to the old page (from will be a very good thing to import back wanted / needed / good contents), so the first will be re-create the page with minimal info and then starting to copy-paste contents (not one in a shot to avoid those angry moderators to dislike it because of the same contents)

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We actually need someone to take charge of that ...... even translations.

Volunteers ?? Anyone??

Here goes showing there's simply still too few of us . :face_with_head_bandage:

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I used to take care of translations with eltrans in my free time.
If you referred to the wikipedia page i'll take care of the italian one (i think it was not deleted coz i updated it at times. Though never done a big job apart adding some details about the latest beta, it needs a big rewriting)

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we should group a few of us to start insisting wikipedia to recover it / create it, contacting moderators and stuff (i dont know much how wikipedia works)

about translations, we* can help on that too (each one that has a different language), but is a secondary thing and depends first of a "source" article from where to get the information (the one in english)

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I signed on as editor to make a slight adjustement to @stoppy98 's work here.

But there definitely has to be more of us to be even useful.


So following this guideline: Wikipedia:Copying text from other sources - Wikipedia

I imported the version from SIMPLE to the main English one, which is the one should be based all the other ones, and the most important one because it has the biggest number of visits from users than the other ones

I also updated a few minor things in both pages

So for now, the Draft is created: Draft:Elive - Wikipedia (you can click on it), so please, add yourself as an editor too, try to add a reference or something like this (to add a value as an editor) and make sure that you are set as "watcher" for the page since its the most important one from wikipedia

You can also try to pick up some valuable content which is not yet included from the old page, which had many valuable content: Elive - Wikipedia :typing:

Another way to improve it is also by looking the pages of other important distro's, specially because they have some important references (like the info box) on which the article will be referenced back in lists later

After that, we will submit the Draft and hope that doesn't gives any problems :slight_smile: , specially since its based from the other one which looks very correct, but these wikipedia guys are very strict about the neutrality of words, which in spain we say for that "do not sell me your motorbike", the references for everything, and again, the neutrality (not saying "it is the best of the world so far in all the galaxies")

And so we will have back the important Wikipedia page :smiley: :1up:


Yeah i realized i wrote the simple english version when i was done and i honestly did not understand how to make it in a new language :joy:

Updated link to the Draft: Draft:Elive - Wikipedia

Maybe you clicked on it before and it didn't worked

So yeah this is the page we need to review and improve (all the ones that wants to collaborate with this very important topic for Elive) before to submit it to review and have back the wikipedia page of Elive, after we have it working

Next step will be Wikipedia strategy which basically means, put a lot of references between all the linux* related wikipedia pages to promote elive as a more known & stablished linux distro

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I can take care of the Swedish Wikipedia article. Translation or create. Im 100% correct in Swedish (proofreader). For now there is nothing about Elive...


I could help with grammar; I'm no good at adding info but I could totally help with grammar and spelling :slight_smile:

We really need to get this shit dealt with. Sorry for my language but seriously! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thank you everyone for your dedication to solving this crap :slight_smile:


Just fixed some grammar... Hopefully soon we can get this sorted out.

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I kinda know how wikipedia works and most moderators are hard, even if something was an attempt to be good they block you

I almost got blocked trying to contribute!


Thanks all* for your contribution to this main (official / primary / etc) wikipedia page, remember to subscribe to it (create a wikipedia account first) if you didn't

We can put the draft to "submited" mode once we think is ready :slight_smile:

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The swedish wikipedia page is up and running. I didnt follow the English txt exactly... or I translated it very freely, terminated a lot of stuff and rewrote the rest.
Tried to make it easy to read.


Thanks a lot @Gunnar_Mossberg ! this will be really helpful for Elive :slight_smile:

Since no more changes has been made after @TheTechRobo improvements, I submited the english version draft to review (in order to recover the wikipedia page in english publicaly)


@Thanatermesis Wikipedia mods are being a jerk, they declined due to "not enough reliable sources"

Geez, they're strict!! What IS a reliable source then?

Submission declined on 24 March 2020 by [AngusWOOF] (User:AngusWOOF - Wikipedia) (talk).

yeah :confused:

seems like there's a link which explains guidelines, but elive doesn't lack reliable sources / references (if the issue means external websites talking about Elive), we have many articles about elive on internet so maybe we should simply add them

For example, a few ones:

Help needed here with the wikipedia article, sorry, I cannot afford all the work :confused: :work:

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I believe it means reliable websites talking about Elive, for example Distrowatch, and other RELIABLE Linux news sites.

So basically we can't link to a fake news website talking about how good elive is and how you should get it. Wikipedia has to be able to know for sure that it is no fake.