Wikipedia strategy

Wikipedia is the 2# website from where new users come to the elive website, which means is one of the most important sources of users

@grottem did a very good job recovering the old elive page of wikipedia (rewrited in a new one) Elive - Wikipedia

Now, there's a ton of pages in wikipedia, on which the elive page can be referenced / linked, this will improve a lot the new users by making Elive more discoverable (listed). For example, pages like:

How you can help

  1. Make sure that the main page (in english) contains updated, correct, and improved information
  2. Search every related / reference page on which you can add a link of the Elive one (like previous examples list)


  1. Use other distro's pages as examples of information / things that can be useful to add (but we don't want to bloat the page with useless information)
  2. Make a giant list of "reference pages" that can be used later to add our Elive link
    1. we should have a shared document where to list all of them? like an excel where to we can add values like "done" or "waiting approval", etc and others can help listing on them
  3. Import (translate) the Elive page in your native language
    1. use the same "reference pages" of your equivalent language, to have listed the Elive page too


  1. Be neutral as much as possible, for example you can talk about an amazing feature but not saying things like "amazing feature" or "the best feature", otherwise your edit will be not accepted by wikipedia moderators, remember that wikipedia philosophies is informative and neutral (which is a good thing)

mentions: @maxinou, @Rebel450, @triantares, @yoda


On my side, the only thing I can do is eventually translation to French (but not directly into wikipedia)...

And some points, as: In my opinion, Elive is not "just" a light Linux, but really more an efficient one, in the way that if it's light, it's too a speedy & well featured Linux... If I want to test/install it even on my better machine, it's as well in a work, production logic! Sure I like Mint, sure CAELinux is a big integration work, but if Elive can make them more fluid, I want it more! It's why I'm on testing migration for both Mint & CAELinux (And if for CAE it's ok, I will report to CAE's team (quite alone too)... The first test of CEALinux migration went not so good, but it's perhaps my lack (essentially: none of particular softwares findable after the operation (FreeCAD, Code Saturn, OpenCAD...)...)



If you agree, as I'm not French native speaker we can both work together, you can write in French for me and I can edit / add Wikipedia pages (I must recover my Wikipedia username and password) because I realise that French pages are very poor in comparison as English ones.

In same way, as my native language is Spanish and @Thanatermesis has other priorities I can update the Wiki articles in Spanish language.

The contre, as I'm not an IT guy, all that speaks technics someone will do guide me, my idea is to part from English articles and to translate them to make a Spanish (myself) and French (with @Franc help, if you agree) versions that keeps the same structure to be as much similar as possible between all langues.

English + French + Spanish represented a big population target



The first step I think is to validate the source page, be the English, Spanish one or anything... So if this origin page is validated by Thanatermesis, with, say, a bunch of our alpha/beta testers & users, we can go forth!


Yes, I agree, if not we'll have different versions in different languages and the goal is to have the same version for all languages. But maybe Thana is so busy to write it, maybe we should open a new thread (not indexed by search engines) that allows all of us to write a basis document where everyone can write/modify until have a final version to publish, or something like this....


Which is good,
not everyone will understand 'tech_speak'
especially, when someone lands finally on the Wiki page,
those expect something easy to understand....