Will Elive 4.0 be compatible with Microsoft Surface Hub 2.0 LOL?


For @Thanatermesis who loves Microsoft…


I almost closed the TAB when readed microsoft, but looked at it just because you posted it lol

Nice graphical designers for the promo video!

I hope that they don’t say now “we invented the tactile screens” lol (like they did with other things, like email)

Oh wait, the title asks if Elive will be compatible with microsoft… ? The answer is the inverse, is microsoft compatible with the world? they always fighted to make things NOT compatible with anything in the world, in order to continue with their monopol, like the illegal “secure boot” that they implemented in computer manufacturers to not allow a computer boot any other operating system than windows, claiming that it is not secure (unless you pay some big bucks to microsoft so that they sign your operating system being able to boot in computers, like Ubuntu did, losing their pants)

Not only that, they even made incompatible their own every-versions of microsoft office, so that if you wrote something with a newer version of office, it cannot be opened by the people who are you sending it with a message like “you need a newer version of office”… technically speaking, the format only needs to follow a simple standard, there’s no reason that cannot be opened, unless you want to sell every year new names of the same software to the entire world, also: they never opened the standards of the document formats, so it is not possible by other office applications to open the documents writed by microsoft office too… monopolistic strategies (from which microsoft accumulates tons of legal suites stuff), and the sad result is that people says “open office is crap because it doesn’t open documents correctly” - no, the problem is that you wrote the document with microcrap office

So back to the topic, i don’t quite know what is microsoft surface, is a tactile screen with orientation sensors? actual phones have much more sensors, it is a “giant pad?”, iphone -> ipad -> bigpad lol

I don’t like to talk about windows, there’s to many crap in the world made by to them, we should be traveling over the stars if was not by the slowed down progress that they made