Windows 10 Update OMG


I installed Win 10 on a Desktop for one of my son some months ago.

Now, I just booted it to make it ready for him ( for school) and OMG

The update is taking several Reboot and over 30 minutes to install! Insane…

Just not used to some of Windows insane update anymore…


Well windows 10 it’s about 15 times the size of Debian. Also, it’s a way more complex operating system!
A few days ago to make a clean install on a HDD it took about 25 minutes .
Let’s not forget it gives u way more user-friendly features than most of Linux distros, you can even just run Debian natively in it thanks to wsl! Just run “Debian” instead of “CMD” and there you go, you got a Debian based terminal instead of the classic command prompt. And, unlike wine, it’s not emulation


Now I feel that I want an updated Elive built over 64bit and with updated kernel drivers & those bloated but compatible browsers :sniff: :cry: