Windows 10 Update OMG


I installed Win 10 on a Desktop for one of my son some months ago.

Now, I just booted it to make it ready for him ( for school) and OMG

The update is taking several Reboot and over 30 minutes to install! Insane…

Just not used to some of Windows insane update anymore…


Well windows 10 it’s about 15 times the size of Debian. Also, it’s a way more complex operating system!
A few days ago to make a clean install on a HDD it took about 25 minutes .
Let’s not forget it gives u way more user-friendly features than most of Linux distros, you can even just run Debian natively in it thanks to wsl! Just run “Debian” instead of “CMD” and there you go, you got a Debian based terminal instead of the classic command prompt. And, unlike wine, it’s not emulation


Now I feel that I want an updated Elive built over 64bit and with updated kernel drivers & those bloated but compatible browsers :sniff: :cry:


Today I wanted to try a “debian 64bit” system, so I downloaded a weekly build from debian testing, was meant to include the lastest features… result: system didn’t booted

Next, I downloaded a more stable version, based in debian stable, gnome desktop, which is the most used standard and so should have everything “working out of the box”, result: booted, but system pretty unusable:

  • first: wifi was not working, and this is a very common “intel” card from a thinkpad laptop
  • I was unable to mount my hard disk to access to some downloaded packages to try them out, just because the tool / command cryptsetup was not included by default (and of course, im unable to install it since the wifi not works)
  • I wanted to copy the entire /lib/firmware dir from my system which, maybe the reason of the wifi not working was that, but since im unable to access to the hard disk or internet, I was unable to make it working
  • so im unable to try the web surfing, nor installing the last chrome, nor accessing to any of my files, so I have booted a system that has only a few applications that i cannot use with anything
  • the full desktop experience (gnome) was simply poor, it is a working and stable desktop to use of course, and also not the faster & lighter one, but it was simply like “ok, one two buttons, now what? ok not interesting applicaitons, a virtual-desktop, and the audio and poweroff gadget in the upper bar, hum…”

Personal conclusion: how the people is meant to “use linux” this way? this is of course a debian stable live system which is meant to be the most stable (let’s say “usable”) system around, so they needs then to customize manually them to make them working? (and I was simply unable due to the lack of connection to internet or access to disks), I wonder why at the end, Elive is simply not “more known” to the linux world… I assume that simply becuase tons of linux users never heard about it before


I know, Debian is pretty much annoying when comes to drivers. If one card has even remotely closed source drivers they won’t be included! Doesn’t matter how common it is. This is why I’ve always been using q4os, which is available both based on the stable Debian and the testing release.
I used gnome for a while, i think the best part of it is that despite it’s really ugly and unusable “as is”, it’s easily personalizable and really really straight forward to get used to, so anybody could approach it and change its looking even if never used linux in his whole life. Everything is just where it should be, and anything could be reached with a couple of mouse clicks.
Compared to gnome, e17 complexity is like an encyclopedia compared to children book


well, this is normal if the first has only 2-3 options :slight_smile: while enlightenment offers a lot of possibilities :thinking:


I would suggest LMDE, or Linux Mint Debian Edition. You avoid the pitfalls of Ubuntu reworked libraries and such, but the Mint team does pretty much all of the work needed to create a usable desktop, out-of-the-box. Suggested desktop would be Mate, but you’ll have to look at their choices, and decide for yourself.


Stoppy98 gave you a pretty good reply, but Win10 also has a ton of spying, advertising, and “telemetry” that no real operating system needs. Recently read a short article that claims Win10 uploads data from your computer to Microsoft more than 5,000 times, each day. Folk who are concerned with privacy won’t tolerate that nonsense.


@Thanatermesis I was readint your post that I missed and I was smiling LOL

If it was complicated to make Debian stable & testing work for you, can you imagine for end users / power user like me !

As I am trying to learn Linux, understand the Debian World, I went to the same process ( Debian Stable/Testing, GNome, KDE and so on…) and did some distro hoping during the last 3 years.

I am very familiar with Linux Mint(good distro), Ubuntu, ElementaryOS, and some other user friendly distros

@Thanatermesis I also downloaded some Debian/stable and Debian/testing installer and on 2 of my computers, it was not that easy to make it work. I ended up downloading a distro that was using Devian Testing using KDE and Debian and packaged with recent drivers not included in the default Debian.

Result was my PC were were working but there was several glitches and GUI crash and anomalies LOL

So Elive is may be not 64 bits yet " but " beside some mainstream distros like Mint or Ubuntu we’re not that far behind as for stability and easy to install distro…

For now my main PC has Ubuntu Gnome ( got used to Gnome) and Elive and I prefer Elive…

For some rare occasions I have to reboot in Ubuntu but as soon as we’re 64 bits, than I can use the last version of VirtualBox (windows for my wife does not run well within Elive’s Virtual Box) I won’t be rebooting in Ubuntu anymore.

ELive is VERY FAST, VERY VERY STABLE, very low ressources (CPU/Memory) needed, EASY TO INSTALL with several kind of hardware config…


yeah that what i mean, distros at 99% of the times are not “good finished products”


Yeah i know, the outdated packages and 64bit support is something pretty annoying to not have in Elive (for me too!)