"Writing data to device" label hangs indefinitely

As said in the subject,
When unmounting a device the label "writing to device" just hangs there for ever.
When unmounting a remote file system (over sftp) it has the same behaviour and thus sends an ambigious message to unknowing users.

It should go away after all is synced.

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Hum, that's a bit complex: looking at the notification it is a simply "notification" (standard) feature, and so:

they are a simple callback with a timeout (it is set to be long aparently), and second problem: there's not a way from what i know to close it later (when it's sync)

the problem is basically from the filemanager using this feature, which is not the optimal / correct way to do it


Can you check if
thunar- volman (plugin)
is installed on your side

It doesn't make difference.

Doesn't the label stay up on your machine when unmounting or ejecting a device? Ergo requires you to click it to make it go away?

It looks more like set to "indefinitely" to me.
I've never seen it go away so I'll see how long it takes as a test.
Testing: ........................testing: ......................... testing: .................
That took 10 minutes = way too long. 1 or 2 or minutes should be more than sufficient.