Wrong screen resolution in S3 UniChrome (openchrome) devobook with Elive 3.0

I try to install elive on my netbook, but when live start in graphics mode have a bad resolution and I can't see anything. I suppose the problem is my graphic card S3 UniChrome monitor 10 inches. Can someone help me please?

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Have you tried the other kernel, and the other graphics modes? I don't know off the top of my head but maybe "graphical problems" at boot (in the selection menu).

I try all option in grub, how i can change kernel in a live?

Maybe we should first be more clear.

To be able to give any reasonable answer we need to know exactly:

  1. What Elive version (Stable, Beta32 or 64bit)
  2. What machine (make, date version)

S3 unichrome drivers are covered by "openchrome" so shouldn't be a problem in a most cases....So I'm guessing 1: Stable 3.06 and 2. Some Asus netbook :madness:


Elive version 3.0 stable
computer is Devobook ten

Never heard of it.. :thinking:
What year was it made? by what firm?
Or either give the specs.

All in all, I suspect it's a lot younger than stable 3.0 so I'd advise installing Beta which has a lot more newer drivers.

Probably meaning the VivoBook...thats the closest I can find, and it's also by Asus.

no is devobook

i know is via tecnologies cpu c7m, gpu VIA S3G UniChrome Pro II, memory 1 gb and screen 10"

this is link italian of product notebookitalia.it/netbook-devo-evobook-ten-3748.html

Hmmm looks like a rebranded Asus to me. Never had my hands on that one but I'd suggest trying out Beta 32bit as it's a single core CPU you've got there.

The machine should work out of the box with Beta, as the machine itself is fairly old (2008) ......Stable is really dated and sometimes has troubles with machines post 2005 ..... especially the graphics- and wifi drivers.


A thing you could try first is see if you can get any kind of resolution with an external monitor connected ...... just to be sure it isn't a hardware glitch.

My HP Mini has similar specs = :face_vomiting:
but did not encounter the probs as per his description;
prolly a nomodset grub issue ??

did you change some boot paramaters ?

(by readind your posts again - I bet..)

Well, if so - you need to edit the grub.conf file manually and remove the whole line
containing "nomodset" , save the file (all with root access), and
sudo update-grub
on terminal, reboot....

And report again :wink: :madness:

Edit again:
ahm.... just saw .. a bit late, my answer - isnt it ... :omfg: