3.0 stable release and their updates / builds


I’m going to prepare a new release build called 3.0.1, which includes fixes in the geolocation (detection /configuration of timezone & language) and other small fixes and minor changes like the hotkeys popup moved to the bar dock, the Flash updated in the browser and the other updates that *you have read on your desktop recently.

Is there other things needed to include in the updated build?


sometime I am manually doing apug to update one of the software I am using.
My question : how often is apug ran in the background ? If I am not doing it, will it do it everyday ?


FLash updated in FireFox ?

As for the hotkeys icon, isn’t it already in the application bar dock ?



@grottem was able to install last version of FireFox 32 bits and PULSE AUDIO

He doesn’t seem to have problems…

Some sites, would take benefit of the latest version of FireFox installed on Elive…



If im not wrong, is like:

  • important updates are checked everytime you open a new desktop session
  • full upgrade (apug) is like every 1-2 weeks

Note that elive-upgrader also includes special fixes, like if something needs to be run on the system, like a change of the repositories or administrative things

firefox & chrome & opera, (all of them tested)

if you upgrade your desktop configurations with an upgraded system, it will appear on the bar


The stable version has been updated

3.0.1 is already available for download, the torrent has been removed since it points to the previous 3.0.0 and we don’t need it anymore (no strong bandwidth usage), the previous 3.0.0 version had a total of 24 thousand downloads

This update includes:

  • updated API for geolocation detection (which pre-selects your language and time configurations)
  • flash updated in browsers
  • hotkeys pdf doesn’t appears in popup anymore, but in the bar
  • other minor fixes / improvements, also for the installer

The changes are not really big, but maybe i should announce it from newsletter too


I would send a newsletter if I were you


Very good news: