3.7.14 public announcement

Ok it is done!

Officially published

New Beta Download page:

News entry: Elive 3.7.14 beta released + 64 BIT - Elive Linux

which from the main thread looks like this:

Email announcement on gmail:

Which looks like this in the email:

Where is the champage? :dance: @triantares, @yoda, @Rebel450, @maxinou, etc...

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OMG can't believe this day had happenned LOL LOL

:rainbowyay: :smiley14: :rofl2: :happy::hot::smiley14::typing::w00t::whew::wow::applause::boogie::boogie::boogie:

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yeah me too lol

unfortunately all the development after the stable version release only happend "here" (in silent to the world, i mean), which i think is very bad for the elive publicity / known, it needs more public activity... let's publish now all the next release publicly then :slight_smile: :champagne:


Is download without donation possible ?
If you already discussed that topic recently and I missed it, my apologies

Am coming over tomorrow.

Now I need the details how to inform (who/address?) DistroWatch and others that you already know.
Methinks :smirk: a PM would be good...

Talking tomorrow night, or Wednesday, when I have fully arrived in Viva Espana

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No champagne but I did just mail you a corrected/revised markdown version of the email text.



Now is time to organise us to make as much as noise as possible with all communication tools we can use, I'll write a LinkedIn article tomorrow, if you agree, I'll block tomorrow morning to update myself the last threads and to write it!!!!

All info is available on the beta download page (which i hope is everything well written and understandable for those who are trying to download):

ah perfect! let me update it :slight_smile: a good amount of emails stills remaining to be sent!



maybe i can just publish it on the default linkedin page the news entry (the linkedin that I have, im not much familiarized with it) and then start sharing it? or better more ones?

Actually I was trying to do some more icon stuff but got dis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: tracted.

Methinks the whole Light theme should be rewritten .... too much cruft in the GTK-light one.
I'm running around in circles, it feels like.

I know its not easy :confused:

.... and you will write what, in detail, pls !?

That Elive offers
"an experimental 64bit Release in pre-beta Stage - for a a cost"
.... seriously

A cost for .... what was it again... :ohmygod: :gun:

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I think the possiblity to download 64 bits for free and easily will have more impact than any article or newsletter or review

I even think, that any review, exposure, and article with current download strategies will simply hurt Elive (more exposure to what people already didn't liked and that is still there...)

I already see comment : " Elive still require to pay to download the 64 bits etc"... Even if you're trying to explain it better on the site

The key is to put Elive in the hands of " as many people as possible".
Presently, more exposure could simply expose the complicated download strategies...

When you are tired of me coming back on that, let me know... But any marketing efforts or reviews, will be in my opinion, exposing, what doesn't make sense...

If I didn't care about Elive, I would not come back on this topic...

Feel free to delete this comment.


Agreed, even if it feeds the trolls.

That's why I keep saying "Make e16 free and go for the next e2x desktop as payant".
Play for the future not short term gain .... which is hardly there anyway.

A good e16 on a stable, fast system is the best publicity imaginable for things to come ...... it's never been done before: Embrace it !

The best thing that can happen is when users/downloaders say: "This is the perfect desktop, I don't really need more." and then wow them with more. :w00t:

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:applause: :boogie: :w00t:

there's no cost, the only cost there is optional

if is too hard to wait 1-2 hours to download and/or to write a comment in facebook, well.... why to worry about trying elive after all?

i did that for 3.0, the difference was not much bigger, and of course this removes strongly the possibility of donations

BTW elementary-os uses a similar system and is on top-6 on distrowatch

and yes, you all are right, more people = better (except for the doors opened to the trolls), but without donations, the project simply dies

Yeah I got your point, but I don't like much this idea, because of a simple reason: they are 2 (pretty) different desktops, the entire experience is really different, so if the e16 version is used as a "show-reel", the users will have this idea about what is elive, yeah the e2x can be better, can be "that thing looking like that" somewhat-better

In other words, to make this idea usable, it should not change the experience, should not be a different one, users should know -what- there is

And so, this is what more or less does the 32bit version: cost-free download, if you like and want more power donate for the 64bit version. Its very similar as your idea concept :slight_smile:

almost an entire year of work since 3.0, without any announced release, this is not short-term :thinking:

that's true, and the actual beta version can be considered as it :slight_smile:

I'm not disagreeding with the point to make the isos more easily available (also with the help of more promotion), but we are forgetting a topic which has been already talked here: The paradoxical unknown future of Elive

especially the "The Paradox" part and the next possible solutions

note also the "numbers" part after "the paradox", is not a big difference that will change everything

how on earth can you ask someone to comment something they didn't tried yet ? ;-)... Example : please give good comment about this car and I'll allow you to try it after...
With love JF

I didn't have to give anything for elementary when I tried it... I thing and guess they change / did that when they reach some significant use base ( large number), But I also tried elementary during months, and loved it, without donation.


and there's the first one :slight_smile:
Simple, Beautiful, Fast an Artistic; The Best OS - Zakariyya Raji - Medium

elementary download:

  • elementary: 'yeah you can put 0 $ and download cost-free'
  • elive: 'yeah you can write a comment / article or wait the delayed download and have it cost-free'

No it is not the same.
My way has the (e16) users guessing at what they're missing out on. It has to be better (in their eyes) because it requires more effort to get.
It' s a way to keep them interested and attract them to the forum and news about Elive.

Your way will be felt like extortion, which it is if it weren't for the "wait or write" option. Because (a certain kind of) users felt them selves forced to pay they will subsequently hammer Elive for faults or differences they think they find....Quid pro quo.

Aye, and that thread was about all of us having a different opinion on what is needed and how to reach it.
You continually just kept saying: "I've always done it like this and it's the only way it works, albeit badly." and swept our arguments from the table.
Whereas we (certainly @Rebel450 and me) kept saying that this is a way to slow death and has to change, either way ....... "It's change or fade away."

Mind you e16 has to be very good and e2x incredible.