3.7.8 alpha release

I changed the title to this one since we already know that these versions are pretty ready and not so needed to betatest them :slight_smile: but of course all the reports are wanted

64 and 32 bit versions included

Note: I will probably use this (good) version for the public, from the "beta" download page


  • pdf hotkeys appears without window-borders :omfg: (yes, this is a feature)
  • a suggestion tip appears to tell how to resize and move windows (because sometimes we have windows that appears big and users can have hard to deal with them)
  • marillat repositories enabled now by default like was before (debian-multimedia)
  • avidemux application included
  • elive-upgrader faster to update and much-much more reliable, supporting difficult states like broken packages status or repository updating
  • do not send the mouse to new focused windows (see later comments)
  • installer updates and fixes
  • smplayer is the default player now, already preconfigured with the best settings and performance
  • touchpad configurator improved to disable movements while typing too, autodetected setting for some touchpads (@triantares)
  • live boot menu improved, with XX-bits and other info
  • EFL own elive build made, last version & optimized (that was an important required future switch)
  • terminology updated to 1.5.0
    • note: for manual upgraders: apug ; api libefl1 terminology
  • copypaste fixed from terminology gui, and other terminology improvements


  • "do not send the mouse to new windows" - maybe this is what @Rebel450 commented that was annoying, not sure, but i have see that this (specific to e16) option gives some problems with cairo-dock in some computers, so its disabled now (this is not the same as "new windows receives focus", this is always wanted, that option is just about the position of the mouse)

PS: I'm not going to be very online these days


Nice, thanks for those new releases :applause::applause::applause:

In my experience, the small fonts you made in latest release to "avoid" big windows to be out of the screen makes not easy to read text in windows, without completely solve the issue of big windows in small screens, finally I need to move + resize some windows with Ctrl+Alt+mouse and with my tired 47 years old eyes is not very comfortable to read those small fonts. Maybe as the suggestion tip appears (it appears actually since latest apugs) would be a good idea tho get back to "normal size" fonts as they was at first alphas, I think @yoda and @Rebel450 have also some 10" screens so I ask them to give their opinions in those way or not, please, I remember that @yoda had wrote something about some time ago?

I agree, but I haven't still finished my test of media players (not much free time), I'm testing in my both laptops because I realise that in low memory systems like mines, the main load of media players is supported by CPU, not by RAM so I discover that Acer that usually were faster than HP in a normal use is slower in media playing because a single core Celeron M 1,6 Ghz CPU vs a dual (quad) core Atom N2600 1,6 Ghz CPU. I was testing only with HP but when I realise those I takes Acer to perform also some test.

For my test I'm using some youtube downloaded videos of 20-30 minutes some of them in mkv format and some of then in mp4 format.

I have similar issues too so I'll give you also my feedback about those change.

Don't worry, we're open 24/24 hours to guard castle :european_castle: so please enjoy a little pause to got force :tropical_drink::beach_umbrella:

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I am presently reinstalling in 32 bits with last versuion of the 32 bits installer my small laptop ( as I can't resize with GParted ( booted from USB stick) my parition to add a Swap file of 4 GB..Don't know why, I can't... May be because I have an encrypted installation ? not sure... any reinstalling ).

I agree fonts are very small on small screen

2nd tought, I would like to " not reinstall " my small laptop

Any idea whey, if booting with an external USB stick, I can't receive my disk to create a 4 GB SWAP partition ?

If the whole disk is encrypted: No, you will not
get acces without decrypting it first..

Only option is to upgrade from inside the existing installation.

in GParted there was some option to " Decrypt" the parition, which I choosed,it asked for the password, I was hoping that I could resize but it didn't allowed me

That's normal behaviour.
If you've got some unencrypted partitions you could try and resize one of those for a swap partition.
Otherwise delete the partition and recreate a smaller one. In that case you'll lose all the data.

Keeping a separate partition for "/home" (and backing it up often) makes a lot of sense if you want to hang onto your peronal stuff. Especially if you're a distro hopper or a betatester. :sweat_smile:

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I don't know a better way to improve the "window sizes" for those small screens, but any setting / suggestion to configure them better are welcome :slight_smile:

@maxinou @yoda tell me your resolution ( run "el_resolution_get" and the font size you got, from the GTK lxappearance configurator tool), tell me also which should be a better size to use for your resolution screens (the smallest-readable possible)

swap partitions are used by default if you have less than 2 gb of ram (before it was less than 600 mb), you should disable swap partition before to configure them

by other side, if the partition is inside the encryption layer (automated partitioning), you could resize it with the LVM tools, but that's much harder / tricky, instead, or you can create a new partition (and use 2 swaps) or repartition the disk entirely by yourself


My screen resolution is 1024x600 and lxappearance doesn't give me none information about size fonts:

For me, the good size was the first size we have in first 3.7 releases, because even with smaller fonts we have now, some windows are out of screen, but as we resize them for a first time, they keep in memory the size and position for next times until we shut off the system.

Isn't there a setting somewhere with which you can restrict a window to max (i.e the same as F11) the screen size currently in use? :thinking:

Should be placed as default for all windows in skel then. (regular skel I mean)

well, we are talking here about 2 different topics:

  • default window sizes are pretty bad set by default (spank to these applications), e17 was better in this sense since it keep and/or resized windows to keep them on the screen - that is again, about the default window size
  • default font size: this affects to the sizes of the windows too, smaller fonts = smaller elements = smaller windows, so having fonts smaller, makes the windows smaller too. Since small screens are very limited on their possibility to fit elements on it, smaller fonts are a better option (try to ctrl + mouse-wheel in your terminology to see how it impacts)

by other side, user taste can change, but is good to have by default smaller sizes for the elements (only) in smaller screens (something like, max. 1024x768, i dont remember), but the user can change the fonts sizes by their own

this font size conf of lxappearance is located in the Widget tab, Font, size 10 somewhat... @maxinou

as said previously, that was a (unique in elive) feature for e17, we should forget it for e16 unless somebody wants to improve it hacking the code adding this option, that could be nice :slight_smile:

hum... good point, but i think that is better to focus efforst on newer E* since e16 is more or like a temporal desktop (even if stills a good one / option)

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I agree with you on this one

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I test in 3.7.8 32 bits in Live mode and found these:

Terminal can not be launched, I test different ways..... (Terminal windows open and closes quickly).

In Conky do not display the Processor Temperature

I can not do screen capture

I see now that the Elive 3.7.8 32 bits is not in download page, whats the future? I use 32bits.

When will add Persistence?

thanks, i have see that issue too, it is fixed and im going to build an update 3.7.8/9 version

you can solve it by running "apug", try to run a urxvt terminal for that instead (alt + esc --> urxvt)

processor temperature can be related to drivers / modules not loaded, try to google your computer model and cpu temperature

i deleted it a few hours ago due to the terminal bug :slight_smile:

probably soon, we need an USB (not DVD) build for that

As see first

Would be better to download this version instead the 3.7.8 32 bits and test again?

I download 3.7.8 Alpha 64 bits and gets these:
I use:

Processor : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 743 @ 1.30GHz
Memory : 2067MB (758MB used)

In 32 bits.

this version of Elive RUNS from USB in Live withou problem till now.

I found (In my system)
Terminal works fine OK
Screen Capture:
from Menu works fine, from shortcut do not works (Ctrl+PrtScr)(PrtScr)
Temperature in Conky do NOt works see:

I test to Run Conky from Menu and NO works
I test "sensors" from terminal and show it is not instaled.... I Install it..... and YES, show me the Processor temperature but not in Conky

I have tested 3.7.6 for a few weeks now including using it installed on a spare OS-disk on my daily user box.
When setting out to download 3.7.8 for testing I realize I have misplaced the URL to the 3.7 download...
Anyone who can assist :slight_smile:

Will send you in private

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try to google for that (your processor type + temperature + linux), you should maybe need to load an extra module, if you find it, i could try to autoload the module by default by detecting the cpu types like yours

nvidia update: I have been able to test nvidia ("current" driver version) with a computer, it won't install unless you have the computer connected to internet (via lan cable), so there's a few extra package dependencies not pre-downloaded (to make it directly work offline), I will fix that for the next build