3.7.9 alpha release

If we're talking an upgrade, from what I experienced and underatand from Linux / Elive, you do need to " reinstall" custom Apps after an ELive Upgrade.

Config are kept somewhere but the package, if not specified during the upgrade (there is sa place, I think we can do it) , won't we there in the final installation...

The upgrade, I think, simply keep files and config files... Not special packages your manually installed

No, you can't, not 3rd party packages .......a "new" install (including upgrades) scrubs all existing 3rd party repositories as a safety measure.
So you will have to add or reinstall those yourself afterwards. A reason to keep a file somewhere on what and how you added yourself.

If you do "apug", the repositories will not be changed ..... as a matter of fact the extra repos are included in the update AFAIK. So if you want to keep your working machine "as is" do "apug" to keep up to date, like in a rolling release. Though that would pass over the installer testing. :wink:
Naturally 3rd party apps that are not installed through added repositories but directly through "dpkg -i" or from source will not be upgraded either. They will even be marked for removal if there are conflicting dependencies with the "official" packages.


eliveisos seems to be empty... Am I missing something :flushed::nerd_face:

so future update of ELive will not recognize my actual Reiser4 partitions ? Even if I don't reinstall and simply apug ?

I sent you pm with link updated

forget it LOL

reinstalling my main laptop in ext4

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If you take a look at my log, I am stuck in some kind of loop during installation on my Dell Latop.

I don't know if it's because of the partition setup I have
WIndows 2 partition

Boot 100 MB
EFI 250 MB
Encyrpted LUKS/Ext4 for Elive Root

The insallation start and it loop and loop and loop somewhere...
I will stop it hoping you'll get the email

Forget it. I am reinstalling / erasing the disk and the windows partition

:-). I need this laptop up and running

Mmmmm another issue in 32 bit release, in HP 2Gb RAM after all day yesterday working fine and smooth, I did apug at night and 148 packets were updated.... After that I lost network connection and right panel where we see the date, hour, memory cpu and disk use is lost...
strangely in 32 bits release in the other laptop (Acer with only 1GB RAM) everything is OK even apug runs fine and no issue after apug (but last apug was Monday in Acer and yesterday in HP, so maybe there are some repository problems again since yesterday?)

Maybe your 100 MB partition is too small?

When I did my first 3.7 installs I leaved Elive take all disk and partition it itself and it made a 340 MB partition that finally had 250 MB full. Since then in all installations where I changed myself partition scheme I kept always 340 MB for boot...

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It’s now ok for me but I experienced it too on an acer laptop with 32 bits version

I think I turned it off and on a few times to get it back

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So I'm not "alone in the dark"... :blind:
Please someone?
Thanks & salutations!

After some guidance :star_struck: I found at eliveisos..../development


It takes almost 10 minutes to reboot... I'll try sometimes to see what happens....

If you want to I can PM you the link but that would sort of create a moral obligation to continue testing, discovering bugs or telling us what you think is missing

See pm :hug:

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Off course I am!
On 4 machines including 3 nvidia ones..!

Thanks & salutations!

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Is this the panel with Elive-light?
If so check if it's still there in <configuration> -><themes>. It might have been removed.

If it's conky you mean ...... you can try starting it from the terminal and see what messages you get.

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Is conky and here is the term messages

I continue without network even with a RJ45 LAN cable and continuos reboot doesn't change anything...

sudo service network-manager restart

then you could try

sudo service network-manager status

If there is shown an error, or other Infos about
why your network does not show up....
:typing: :eyepopping: :typing: :impatient:

Something is smelling on your system installed,
I would redo... :hug:


Nothing happens... Terminal is unresponsive.. I'll use tomorrow night 3.0.6 to work at my hotel and look for this issue Saturday when I'll be back from Belgium...

I'll go to finish my bagages... See you Saturday... Be good guys.

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