3.8.14 Right-Clicking on folders or Files seems to be hit or miss

When right-cling on folder or files, it seems to be a hit or miss. You have to do it a bunch of time before the context menu appears.

Tested in Virtualbox

I cannot replicate on my installed Elive or in Vbox ..... might be a Vbox mouse setting on your machine.

If I right clck anywhere else like a blank area it has no issues displaying the context menu.

Which file manager? Thunar I assume? (But we all know what happens when you assume...:madness:)

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both files and folders

It could be that the mouse settings are off.
Think of stuff like how many pixels around your pointer are accepted as clickable area.

Whether an icon (be it folder or file) is within that area ...... it should change (- lighten up) on mouse-over and certainly when (left) clicked (- turn blue).
If it does that, than you should be able to right-click.

If you still have problems ..... be clear as to what you're using, i.e a mouse (which type), stylus, touchscreen, touch-pad or track-ball.....and what file-manager.

We're guessing here as to what you're using and to what the problem is.

One thing is fairly clear: It looks like you're the only one having this issue so it probably is a Vbox setting or related to your hardware.

I meant file manager (e.g. Windoze's file manager is Explorer, Elive's default is Thunar,...), not files or folders.