3.8.18 x64 Betatest


First, thanks again!

Not yet tested for nvidia parts, but two little things for now:
-In the enlightenment menu > settings > session: there was tree lignes & check boxes, now four, in two + two rows, and the ones at right side did not fit in the window limits, so are a bit crunched...
-in Cairo, the battery indicator is changed and time to go turns unreadable...

EDIT: btw, still softs that didn't launch from Cairo, e.g. Discs...

More to go!

p.s.: is it me or the download rating start is at a better level than lasts?


There's still black screens during boot process, that are annoying in order to follow the steps...


Could you be more specific as to what boot process (live or installed) and on the machine specs?

Or are we to simply take it for granted that you'll only be using that EeePC 1015PN ? :thinking:


I still test with other machines, but it's in live mode, and e.g. with a M4400 it's the same...
I made the test with full battery & plugged; So I think that it's not relative to somewhat hardware, but a wrong "screen economy" routine into startup sequence..?
It was at least partially resolved in a past beta, so..???