3.8.7 betatesting


So, with this fresh .iso, booting on usb, for full install to eeepc 1015pn: a first thing, is that if Conky is still overscreen, it has disappear in quite short time, and I realy don't know why..?
Install process en route, so probably next message here in a big hour for report...

Strange again: I'm SURE to had say "NO" for upgrade, and more weird, I got the window telling that precedent system is going to be converted in powerfull Elive space ship (as for morphing from an other Linux)!!! And I'm absolutely sure to have selected the right partition with 3.8.6 installed yersterday!!!

EDIT: I stop it, reboot; It didn't ask about openGL normal or not? This time, conky stays in...
The installer didn't ask, after choice of / partition, about file system type & format or not...
Same with the window saying morphing in place of installing... And I'm absolutely SURE about partition choice and so (and there no more other Linux distribution on this computer for now..!?
This time I let it go to see what's happen in fine (exept if @Thanatermesis sends a message with an idea?)...

See you!

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Hmm, maybe you should try emptying out the disk totally beforehand .. i.e create on big fat partition and see what happens then. :thinking:

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Installer didn't ask for user/password, tells installation is ok;
Reboot, a quite long TTY screen asking for log in, letting it as it, it finaly goes to lightdm, with precedent user name and right password...
This time, conky stays overscreen... But my dark backgrounds stays as I tunned its (clicking "ok" as usual in E16 parameters)...

Now going again to cuda things...........

EDIT: now the window asking for where to extract a file is no more over screen! THANKS! :ok_hand:


modifications on the conkyrc (conf file) are made on the fly depending of the machine, like the wifi name or the font sizes based on your screen resolution. This means that yes it dissappears but it appears again 1 second later, if it doesn't appears again then there should be a problem (try to run "conky" yourself from a terminal to see if works)

Ok @Franc sounds like there's an issue with the installer which im not able to reproduce it, i will need to know more about your partitions structure in order to try to reproduce the issue... you said you have no other different OS's on your computer, right? how many Elive OS's you have installed on it?

Can you show me the result of these commands?:

sudo os-prober
sudo partitions-list --show-all

Sounds like the installer proceeded (wrongly) with an upgrade mode even if you tell him to not. About the overscreen things, that's the dynamic fonts configuration based on your screen resolutions :slight_smile: , but since you have that "wrong install" mode we should not care yet about the screen things, fonts, and conky... (because they are not configured in the correct way since the install was wrong)


sudo os-prober:
dev/sda7:Elive beta 3.8.5 (10):Debian:linux

Problem here: the last install 3.8.7 is on dev/sda6 I use 2 Elive installed partitions for trying different solutions...

sudo partitions-list --show-all

/dev/sda1::::ntfs-3g::::(no name)::10485760::9 MB::
/dev/sda2::filesystem::ext4::Elive_boot::Elive_boot::255852544::238 MB::c9ec0f43-ecaa-4390-bb5f-56e5c871fcb0
/dev/sda3::::BIOS::::(BIOS boot)::1048576::::
/dev/sda4::filesystem::ext4::::(no name)::50158632960::46.7 GB::007e4685-b3fa-4911-a4dc-9374c8129bc6
/dev/sda5::swap::swap::::(swap)::3657433088::3.4 GB::35a26909-d23b-45b5-844b-04129252169f
/dev/sda6::filesystem::ext4::Elive_OS::Elive_OS::20990394368::19.5 GB::b1b043d0-8fd7-44e8-926e-f919e5d883fa
/dev/sda7::filesystem::ext4::Elive_OS::Elive_OS::52960428032::49.3 GB::675736a6-2f97-42e2-900b-6717a33a3a73