32-bit FB Messenger

Anyone know of an app that will let a user use FB Messenger (ugh!) on a 32-bit Elive PC?

Well, it's getting harder and harder to get 32bit installs so you might need to be looking for older versions of "messengerfordesktop" and see if it will install.

It's old and not maintained since 2017 so YMMV.

If it wont we've maybe got some tricks to get it to work, depending on the errors else .... there's always the option to try and run an old Win7 version with "wine".

The maintained messenger app is "caprine" but only available as an amd64 .deb package.
There is a flatpak you could try to install ..... maybe it caters for 32bit as an option, albeit I have serious doubts there. Just checked flathub: It doesn't.

Thank you! One of the repair shops that outsources to me has a Samsung netbook that they wanted me to save with Elive and since their customer base is very into FB and other social media, they hoped that Messenger could be installed as a selling point.

The Samsung Elive 3.8.34 netbook has python 3 installed and the messengerfordesktop will remove python 3 (python-is-python3). Will it be possible to reinstall python 3 after installing?

Yes you can do that ....... both python versions can live happily on the same machine.

When version 2.7 was the default, one had to call python3 explicitly to run. Since bullseye that's all been reversed and now python3 is the default.
So going back to python2 as the default is fraught with issues (like I think even "apt" uses it.)...... methinks it better to have "messengerfordesktop" call python2 explicitly

Meaning: changing the code in the program itself and re-installing python3 again later....or simply changing the dependencies in the .deb.

  • with a bit of luck it might even turn out that "messengerfordesktop" will run on python3. It's worth a try. :innocent:

If the netbook can run amd64, that would save a lot of worries, :thinking:

Unfortunately it's a 32-bit Samsung netbook (pretty well designed and well kept by it's former owner.

Now, I gonna have to learn how to edit the installation .deb. :expressionless:

Actually I cannot find explicit python code (at a quick glance) there is an an explicit dependency. So it might not even be needed to edit.

Well as a test you can reboot that 3.8.34 installation into "impermutable mode" and simply install using the "force" option....and see if it will run "as is".
Even if you mess up there, you can simply reboot in "normal mode" and all will be forgotten.

So play with impermutable-mode first i.e also to see what removing "python-is-python3" does, as well as what re-installing hat package does.

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