32bit dies in 2020/2021

Big distros drop 32bit support.
Now Ubuntu, too.

(use translator, If interested)

Some will say:
' Great, then Elive can jump in the gap'
ya, great idea - but from where to take 32bit applications then...

From debian of course, as always.
Debian is the only distro since about 2013 that also allows non-PAE kernels.
Maybe Ubuntu needs to change its name now that it is becoming a "first world only" distro.:face_with_head_bandage:

its normal
they are so bloated that they simply not works good on 32 bit systems lol

lol yeah

I have read recently some 32bit limitation that will end in a similar "year 2000" effect in some years (but worse), but if im not wrong is not really related to the 32bit part, it originated as a 32bit limitation but in fact every app can be updated to not be affected by it (being still 32bit)

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Let me bring to your attention
that Debian does not develope applications
for the users de.

I encountered the same issue with the PowerPC
platform before.

A computer that can just run an OS and some
terminal based apps is useless -
also useless to maintain or support an OS then.

It aint any funny, btw.

At least the driver Support aside from many other things is working oob.
May be you should have a look over your plate and try a Xubuntu or Lxde with Open Box .
These just run.

I'm not sure what you mean by that but it isn't what I meant.
What I was pointing out is that Elive (as does/did Ubuntu) is based on the debian repositories.
As long as they support 32bit, there will be a source for packages.

Debian is not an enterprise (like ubuntu) it's community run ...... the community defines what stays or goes.

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Ubuntu just retracted their decision ..... after massive outcry.
Meaning: They'll try again once they think they can get away with it.:sniff: