70 year old aussie

well folks I have been a linux user since 1995 started with red hat,just a couple of weeks ago I found elive,downloaded to usb stick tried it,loved it kicked another operating system off my computer,now 2 weeks later it is my daily operating system,thanks Elive team great job:wink::wink::wink:


Welcome into the familly. BTW I see that you are in Thailand, my son went there during several months and loved it... I am planning on going too one day


when you do let me know

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ok guys i have an nvme card on this computer that I am going to try elive on to see how fast it is will report back when done

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well it took max 15 minutes to install is working well and fast to boot and lightning fast every where,this is on a gigabyte nvme card pcie just cant beleive how fast it is.