A dark theme with a static low-key background

The glitzy cool background pictures makes the computer look cool. And when the shift on the fly it looks even ccoler. But for those of us with concentration issued like ADHD it pretty much makes the computer a very expensive piece of selfmodifying art and nothing more.
So offering a dark theme with a static low key dark-ish background would be helpful for many potential users

That is something I've been calling for, for a long time.
I totally agree. :slight_smile:

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You mean the automatic wallpaper switching feature? note that this only happens on Live mode and does only one run of the available wallpapers, not on the installed system

So you*r suggesting a static wallpaper with less distractions, something more like this?

The problem with the wallpapers is that is impossible to make everybody's happy, so the best that can do elive is:

  • to select a nice one by default (user can change it later)
  • to give by default a good set of nice wallpapers for all the tastes (included less-distracting ones)

From what I remember, Elive doesn't really had these kind of wallpapers, so suggestions are welcome

Also I think that by default, since Elive supports correctly the set of wallpapers, there should be a good selection of them already provided in ~/Pictures/Wallpapers , which is actually empty :thinking:

I know that is impossible to make everybody happy....
But having the wallpaper you showed as an option would be AWESOME

Ok, noted on the TODO list :slight_smile:

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