A good article found by hazard


Here the link from an article found thanks to tweeter with a very realistic and objective opinion. I wrote a comment to help to best understand the développement state and to generate interest (teasing) for the 64 bits release but it's waiting for moderation before it will be (or not) published.

I'm sorry it's in French:


You can use Google translate to read it in English, but I think writer has made a well article, I only disagree with his word "agressive" when he write about asking donations, and I try to explain in my comment as much as polite and neutral possible the reason I found the word "agressive" a little bit too much.


aparrently Cryptomaster is not "au courant" that there's a new version around the corner. :blush:

Yes, I explain him that a 64 bit release is coming soon in my comment, that is waiting moderation... I'm curious to see if he will publish it complete, modified, or if he doesn't publish my comment.....

Good news... my comment has been published without changes!!!

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Another nice one, from 11 years ago, talking of Elive 1.0 Gem:

Unfortunately author's link is dead, but maybe I can find it by search engines to explain him the new release coming soon in two flavours (32+64).

What do you think about?

I found him:


I have a LinkedIn account (not premium) so I can make him a contact demand and personalise it with some words, but the problem is that those messaged are limited to 300 letters or something like this so is better maybe an English native write it for me or maybe contact him (if we want) with Elive official LinkedIn account, this guy has more than 500 relations and I'm sure that almost 90% works in Linux world.....



funny, we were just talking about Topas, today I stumbled about this (searching How2 for FSlint), look:

well, it's a bit older, but :wink:

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