A good softphone client

After googling a lot, installing flatpak and snapd LOL
I am still looking for a good softphone client ( SIP) that works properly

Any one here using a softpĥone ?


ok I'll go with zoiper
installation process weird but it's working

Are you talking about landline or mobile or both
Things in Ger can differ from Can - I guess

I ma ok now
using Zoiper

Softphone for me means : a software allowing you to connect in SIP or AIX to a PBX software ( example asterisk)

So an application to connect to some phone service / server on the internet


nearly same here,
additionally we do have voip still using DSL
usually it is easy to handle with the given router by the isp.
As said before, am not familair with the circumstances in Canada,
but you could have a look in

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forget the shown link it is not working for any reason :omfg:

better try this


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