A suggestion for improve the 'old download' description (from Chat)

Thank you for offering still the old versions of elive.
I would hope you could make some adjustments to the instructions of getting the old version installed.

  1. Tell that people need a torrent software to download (if not could you be precise how not to need one, putting a link todirect download),
  2. Inform from the start that people need to have a paypal account,
  3. Inform that people need to get the installing aplet or what was it

Sorry, the message left too early, 3. People need to download the installing module with a working computer because the browser in the old elive was outdated and did not open the paypal webpage correctly. Have now spent many many hours trying to install elive to my old computer but with no success cause the installation procedure always brings up something new which I can’t do with my old machine. If the instructions which you should be forced to read before you are able to download the image would have more thorough instructions people could be ready for everything.

  1. Explain torrent
  2. Donations via Paypal
  3. Problems with the Download with older systems, because of the used JS?

Alright, the website (page of download for old versions) needs some improvement on these details, hum… actually it doesn’t says something about the installer-module requirement ? :thinking: I thought that I wrote that on last update…

Because you are speaking about the web page, right? not something related to the chat? :slight_smile:

What is the problem with the part 3. ? I didn’t understood it, old browsers cannot download the torrent file? or they cannot access to the website at all? (which can be caused by some of these new JS crappy uncompatibilities new templates)

The problem was that when I tried to install to old computer it required donation. The iceweasel opened the paypal page but it was all blank. At last I managed to download the module with my other computer and got it to the old one with usb. I can try to write what kind of instructions could have been good to have (to write it as instructions). Is there a email where I can sent it or is here private message option? I would need help on screen resolution and sound but unsure what would be the best way to ask help here. And I think this Os would be great if I could get them working and get rid of some memory hungry aninations. Have been using over 10 different linuxes, still a noob but I know how to write and willing to help writing instructions when I get the needed information.

Why not write the suggestion here? So everybody is able to collaborate.
I know this kind of work is strange, because in the internet many people are mean (most the ones who seldom or never contribute anything) …
There is a working philosophy, called ‘WOL’ (Working Out Loud). The core behind this is to show what you can. And if anybody thinks it is not good (enough), it is his/her task to improve it. But until the end, when the final product is published, everybody knows you are not only involved, you are the most important person, the starter.

I’d like to proof-read your suggestion. But I don’t wand that anyone thinks it is my idea/work … Yeah, it’s kind of confusing to post your text from the chat under my name … But I’ve seen you put many thoughts in your text, and then I needed something to motivate you to be a part of the discussion. And -ta da- I would say it works :slight_smile:

Edit: More of WOL under https://workingoutloud.com/ and when interested, also search for ‘John Stepper’


Good idea. Gonna write and put here.

More exactly, the blank page was the website of paypal (not the elive website)? If so, that is for sure a problem of the (very old) browser and the new paypal websites which doesn’t manages correctly it… and this makes things more difficult, yeah

Can you define which ones exactly are memory hungry? (and which version of Elive)

I think all this animation stuff, shadows etc. I am used to on windows to get ridd off all the appearance stuff and optimize everything for current processes and stopped most startup things etc. I found that there is possible to tweak some of these on Elive but I do not know which.

Well, I can tell you that they are pretty optimized :), I have already get rid of the most "lag" feeling ones

But yes you can optimize them even more, in fact I think that the "black and white" E17 theme looks pretty more lighter! try it

And also the default theme, can be a little faster (or maybe not)

Bling bling is also much older and should be pretty fast too, try them all!

If you are in elive 3.0 you should be able to install / use the themes directly by opening them in the filemanager, there's a smart elive tool that manages them

There's MANY amazing themes you can try for E17, but is better to search about them in the #users:themes category :slight_smile: , specifically the black-and-white one is here:

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