Ableton live 11 midi track music software

I didnt buy the keyboard in the end because it was too complicated for me to get it to work on Linux. Instead of going through Ableton with the different tracks I bought a looper. My New Boss pedal is a looper and drum machine for the guitar. I can live without plugging it into the computer. Ive rebuilt my amplifier so Im back to the old fashioned method.

Now that's where I don't know what that is. :face_with_thermometer:

Which IMO is better than falling into the Windows money-trap. Usually a lot of fancy tricks are only there to hide a lack of quality.

But then, if you'd really wanted to ... I'm sure we could've gotten that stuff to work on Linux without the proprietary bells, whistles and shiny beads.

Im here with you guys because I love Elive. I fully believe Linux is the way forward. Im grateful for all the help.I have absolutely no doubt you guys could have got it working. But its a huge strain on me trying to follow instructions. I was a Mac fanatic from the day the first Mac came out. DOS users hated us. But MAC got it right. The system was inconspicuous, it allowed the user to use the computer easily with no knowledge of how they worked. It was close to full proof. I left Mac because of the greed. What I never understood was why Linux experts didnt try to create a platform which was inconspicuous. I dont need to know how my car works to drive it, but with Linux its impossible for the average person to use without some knowledge. Its not fun to use if your not interested in the nuts and bolts. If it was designed so an idiot could use it with ease it would go mainstream. I have failing eye sight the last thing I want is to be staring at a computer screen for 30 hours a week into the early hours of the morning trying to fix something I messed up without even knowing how I messed it up.

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Ahh. A looper is a small box on the floor with your guitar cable attached. It goes to the amplifier. It allows a guitarist to overlay and record multiple sections on top of eachother. Only on one track. Its saved and can be replayed. Unlike a DAW which has many tracks which can be adjusted in the computer like a mixing desk.
The looper only records what you play. You cant correct mistakes. You can download them to a DAW if you have the software. Most guitarists are not interested in software, hence the reason these pedals only work with Mac and Windows. Guitarists still use Valve amplifiers and guitars designed in the 1950's.


For the first part: alas, some high level sound hardware companies still doesn't want to hear about Linux... Specially MOTU... Where only way to use those wonder tools here is by reverse engineering and adequate dev'...

About Boeing, if you know the truth, the why, the WHO? or QUI?, you have to verify if the plane you eventually have to take is not too new in plus to control if pilots aren't GMOs, or psy cases...


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I very much doubt that .... there's just too many special or fringe cases to take into account to make everyone happy. Hence all the different distros.
It's practically impossible to have all those functionalities on one single machine (and having it make toast). That goes for Win and for Mac too .... the forums are for getting help on those issues that require more knowledge.

We could've helped but as a first we'd require an acknowledgement that you were willing to try, after which we could've taken it step by step...since no-one else has that hardware. The point being that we don't know how far your knowledge or willingness to learn goes unless you tell us or try, fail and report.
Hence all the links showing what's there and leaving the choice of where, with what and how to start to you.

The easiest way IMO still, would've been to download 'avlinux', burn it to USB and test-run it in live-mode.
If it simply had the required tools working, we could've copied that functionality into Elive.

Yes you do, you even need a license to prove that you know what you're doing. :rofl:

I'll give you that you don't need to know engine mechanics but then on Linux you don't have to hack the kernel either. But something like: If you want to alter windscreen wiper speed ... you'll first need to turn on the ignition for the current and then turn on the wipers and then find out out how to change the interval. That's 'need-to-know' stuff else it wont work.
Same for gear shifting, it doesn't do much without first starting the engine, manipulating the pedals and setting the car in motion.

As for the Mac 'it-just-works' myth: A pre-installed Mac (or Win for that matter) machine doesn't cater for much usability i.e there was no way it will give those audio possibilities you wanted there, to simply work. It would've required you to buy/get the software and install it yourself too... and then a journey to find out how it works.

In that sense, it's exactly Linux distros (and Elive in particular) that do try to be all-round. The video editing software, office suites or graphical tools that often are included by default are gob-smacking compared to the very sparse environments those other OSes offer.

Audio equipment is a very special category with so much niche requirements and hardware interfacing that it would require having all that equipment available to check. Only musicians and audio-nuts have that stuff and if there's one who offers up his rig-setup as a distro (like 'avlinux') freeing others of the burden of installing and fine-tuning, then that's cool....i.e Only on Linux. :w00t:

There even used to be a special distro for sailors a few years ago but that was way too niche. :rofl:

If you haven't already, I'd advise to download the latest Elive and upgrade. It has this nice optional "impermutable-mode" that allows for tinkering without any consequences. Back to sanity is just a reboot away. :rofl2:

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I upgrade linux weekly. I shall continue to enjoy Elive even if it is in a limited form and I shall check out your suggested downloads. I am learning slowly. Im building a guitar at the moment so most of my energy is focused on that its a big job. I should have computer time fairly soon.

By 'upgrading' I meant downloading the latest .iso and using that to upgrade..
Simple upgrading (with i.e 'apug' or 'apt upgrade') keeps the existing software up to date (and goes a long way) but doesn't introduce "new" features like 'impermutable-mode' nor does it upgrade the base Debian system or the kernel.
So sometimes it's advisable to do that every now and then or .... jump through some hoops and do it yourself on your existing system.
There's a debian bookworm based version out soon ... maybe wait on that.

Ok I shall give it a go. But I doubt I will be able to. I have no idea where to start. I didnt even understand your description. Thats what I mean by it being difficult for some people.
Its very different from a Mac. Say for instance I have a program on a Mac Ive never used. I try to open it and it has a message. Cannot open software, driver Z is missing... On a Mac it will say, do you what to search the internet for driver Z. If you click Ok it will search and when it finds it the screen will say. Do you want to download and install driver Z. Click Ok and it downloads the software and opens it ready to install. Then you click the agree to terms, it installs and opens the software. No other computer is that easy. Obviously like learning to brush your teeth or tie your shoes some learning is required. But on the whole everything to make it easy for a monkey has been thought of. Thats what meant by inconspicuous.

Linux is even easier, in the sense that you just install from the repositories and that also downloads and installs the needed dependencies (or drivers in mac/win speak) automatically.

This thread was about installing Windows software on a Linux machine which is very different can of worms and fairly specialized.

The other way round (or Mac apps on Win) is almost impossible.
On a Mac you'd require 'Darwin' functionality or else a Virtual machine running Linux.

Well, as a first see what Elive has available for midi or looping. I came across 'sooperlooper':

 sooperlooper/stable 1.7.8~dfsg0-2+b2 amd64
  Looping Sampler
  SooperLooper is a live looping sampler capable of immediate loop recording,
  overdubbing, multiplying, reversing and more. It allows for multiple
  simultaneous multi-channel loops limited only by your computer's available
  The application is a standalone JACK client with an engine controllable via
  OSC and MIDI. It also includes a GUI which communicates with the engine via
  OSC (even over a network) for user-friendly control on a desktop.

Which would only require an "api sooperlooper" in a terminal to install.

and there's definitely is more software available (like 'rosegarden', 'qsynth', 'multimedia-looping', 'multimedia-midi', 'freewheeling', etc, etc.) but I'm not into audio stuff so I don't know where to point you to or what is of interest in this case. Sorry, maybe @Franc or @TheTechRobo have better insight.

In that case I'd create a new thread asking about available Linux software for looping sequencing and which is the best to install/use.

They will be fun to have a look at. I shall have a go. The new pedal I have is the industry standard for living looping on stage. The computer ones may be great for other instruments.