About the website animation

I think using the vintage PS2 PC gives the wrong impression, and will drive away folks who have more recent hardware. Maybe they have a desktop but it feels sluggish? Or a used gamer PC that has the horsepower, but they don't want to use it for games? These are examples only; but if they come to Elive website, they will see the PS2 and say, Oh this page has not been changed since the age of the dinosaurs! I have to look elsewhere!

This is an opinion, but I'd like to hear from other people...

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May be when Elive was 32 bits and an important % of it's user base were people with slow PC, it did make sense

But I think @she_dyed is may be right ?

I have an i7, SSD, 16 GB and ELive Rocks...

I like the picture LOL but may be it,s pushing away some people that comes onto the site, 3 secs and leave ?

Or think: "Hey, if it works on that stuff it'll fly on mine. Let's try it!"
It's just a matter of personal perception and of what you think the crowd you are trying to reach is made of.
No way of knowing for sure....

A big and very important part for the future of Elive will be 32bit support.
This picture makes this probably clear,
but on the other hand,
both of you are right, too.
We should improve the image, or add a very modern PC alongside
something like this...



I was lucky and found an image for the "very modern PC alongside"
what do you think ???

1986 .... = L O L LLLLLLLLL

Ya, you got it right, am teasing you badly now LOL



the full animation shows a story where you can revive an old (slow) computer into a powerful one

this is the idea / concept of that (as you can see on the next slide where it shows the newer/futuristic - converted, laptop)

so, the slider is showing a concept :thinking: (and in a funny way, kicking out the windows logo for example), but aparently is not passing the idea at all? :neutral_face:

maybe it needs to add a message like that? :thinking: (yes, the slider is entirely editable)

the modern one appears in the second slide, so again:

  • first slide: old / slow computer
  • second slide: newer improved machine

(please watch again the entire story)

maybe adding a "before" & "after" sentence in the slides ? or this can be more confusing ? :thinking:

Mmmh, i see the feeling of what you* mean, the idea is (was) not to show an old (yours) computer, but a concept more like:

"your computer with windows" ---> "your computer with elive"

I have noticed that the slider does not work 100% of the time. It stalls on the first slide in that case. Something to keep in mind. :eyepopping:

Maybe we should be more generic and make that from bloated (little fat beast bulging out window) ----> Lean Elive.
That way other OSes will be had too and a Windows-user alienation be avoided. We want to show what also can be had not tell them that they are stoopid Win users ...... let them decide that for themselves after a testrun.

Just leave like it is - it is good like this.
Many people - many opinions.....
All in all I (!) find the website very good yet.

Later, when it comes to the 64bit official announcement,
there will be enough to do

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I saw that before, should be a "lazy loading" plugin issue which should have already been solved, in other words, every "new" website session should make it working correctly (try "shift + ctrl + r", or from incognito), basically you should have some old cache making the issue

but if you still see the issue, tell me how to reproduce it, maybe there's more confs needed to improve to make it always working :thinking:

image alternatives to use for that computer image are welcome :slight_smile: , i found the actual one on internet and i found it to be useful (it references a slow but also old computer)

will do it, unless we have a specific improvement to do on it :slight_smile:

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Glad that you put this on backburner, I wanted to hear from other people. It works, so you can leave it for more pressing stuff, like dinner or something.:grinning: