Actual development status (2021-10-12)

There's a small update about the actual development status and next:


  • A lot of effort and time has been put in the last months implementing systems to detect and avoid spambots that comes to the website and insert fake emails to the database... our newsletter was pretty damaged with fake emails and the server is quite considered "spammer" because of that, I still need to cleanup the database of old fake emails but most of the work is already done, except some next steps in my emails tasks and also in the servers


  • To continue making the website working correctly and dealing nicely with emails (we cannot send to hotmail / ms emails, and almost the entire france), I need to reinstall a full email server in a new machine, let's make a good one, the server will use debian/bullseye as base so I also need some packages of Elive ported to bullseye, otherwise a server without Elive is not worth :slight_smile:
    • This 'Elive for servers' will lead to some work in the future script to Elivize a server, an idea of a future special Elive variant release
  • For that is needed to port the thousands of Elive packages to bullseye, but is not only about packaging, but making scripts also more dynamic and able to switch between versions easily, this is good to switch back to older versions of Elive to update packages if are needed, for the previous versions
  • Having packages in bullseye is a good moment to betatest builds of the special EliveRetro version on updated OS, if there's too much "surprises and bugs" found then we can release it based on Buster instead


  • Bullseye was needed to start the tests and work of implementing E24
  • The website needs a serious love and improvement in the contents


this is a good moment in history

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Just put that on twitter too.

Instagram, reddit anyone????? :magick:
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hmm. why not e25.1 and efl25.1 rasters new flat theme is great. much better than children like themes in elive. seriously elive needs a decent designer...PCOSllinux has an iso for TEST DRIVE.

the other good news (well might not be for elive) is that the budgie desktop developer has left the solus project and is porting budgie on the EFL. (gnome is dumped) finally there will be a modern sleek desktop using probably the best libraries available.

just to add a new distro will be formed. serpentos os..

Consider it done. :w00t:

In general Elive uses the latest builds as released by Enlightenment. It's hard to be more cutting edge than Bullseye machine is at enlightenment-24.99 and efl-25.1 and my Buster based machine at E25 and efl-26 BTW.... so PCLOS is making a lot of brouhahah about nothing.

I assume that you're referring to the E16 desktop themes here, which suggests that you haven't installed Enlightenment (E24) on your system i.e aren't aware you can do so.
It's a simple 'api enlightenment enlightenment-data' away, though.

There are some downsides to running E24 (as well as upsides) because the installed desktop is the standard iteration as delivered by the Enlightenment team ..... not a customized stable Elive version one would expect here.
There are threads, screenshots and Howtos here on the forum regarding E24 as well as Howtos to customize E16...... do check them out and do show or tell us what you think a good design should look like.

  • Every input in that sense is greatly appreciated and maybe implemented. :applause:

I made a few videos as to what can be done, including E16 and E24:

In regards to Josua Strobl's plans:
That is a good thing as this means more contributions (already happening) to EFL and more general usage of Enlightenment. :dance: