Add the Clock to the bottom corner by default on 3.0 and Power Button

ON a lot of OSes we see the time at the bottom right and people are used to it

I would put the power button and the digital clock bottom right ( giving access easily to the calendar if they click it) by default on 3.0

Any comments ?


I am not sure what it the language when we click on the Clock LOL if it could be in English or I mean, the language we choosed for Elive, it would be nice


We don’t have control over the clock. Elive sets it automatically based on Geolocation. But i think user should have the right to adjust time on the basis of their need.:typing:

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I am curious, why would you change it if it is set properly ?
But I do agree all Clocks on all OS I used give that control to the user…

As it is set properly on my Desktop, I don’t care, but I understand your point.

We are human kind we want everything.:yum: I’m complaining bcz in my Elive live system it sets time incorrectly and i couldn’t fix it.:tired_face: Many things depends on time & i believe time is very valuable thing.

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Found my problem about english.
Just had to use / choose USA for language
and French Canada for Keyboard

We do have ENglish people in USA LOL but by default, if we chose Canada in the 1st part of the desktop configuration, the language is neither english or french in some part of the system