Adding Davinci Resolve to Elive

Please consider to add Davinci Resolve as default video editor for Elive. Resolve already has free version for Debian Linux, it is rapidly grows in popularity and inclusion of it will bring so much more users to Elive. Resolve is industry leading software and many Hollywood films where edited in it. I do not have necessary skills but would be happy to contribute financially if some one willing to do so. This will allow many people to leave windows for good.

Hello SergElive and welcome to the forum. :smiley14:

It's a thought, we could. However, I do not quite understand what you mean by

inclusion of it will bring so much more users to Elive

Will Elive get listed on the Davinci website? I don't quite understand why this would bring more users to Elive, seeing as it's installable manually on Debian. :thinking:

Also, it's not Free and Open Source Software...I don't know if @Thanatermesis has an opinion on that.

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