Alternate Office especially for 32bit

Hi Elive Team, @Thanatermesis:

There is a good Office solution out there that you may be don't know,
I gave it 'a spin' a while ago and I find quite good, especially when it comes
to compatibility with extended Excel sheets.

I honestly can recommend it.

It also seems, that they will continue with 32bit support;
you can register and download for free,
it's also a cross-platform solution, btw.
(if you don't find the free dl - rpl and I can forward the installer;
I got them all for Linux, Mac, WinDoof -

check out here

It may happen that in Elive will occur an error message ,
smthg like ...
openGL - software rendering - bla blaha - could not load, because blahabla-bla
= did not run on Elive yet.

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My "main" dependency for any office suite, is writing out bills and sending them to clients as a pdf, using headless Libreoffice commands.
So frankly any office suite I use has to abide by .odf standards and be able to export to PDF (again headless for in my scripts) that any-one can rread or print.

Like printing a MsOffice generated PDF is quite often a PITA to print from /tmp

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if im not wrong, the 32bit builds already includes abiword & gnumeric as alternative office instead of libreoffice by default

In 3.7.x-32 yes, in 3.0.6 they are at Synaptic, but not default installed.