Android apks on Elive

I was just curious if anyone knew if I was able to install Anbox or another type of emulator on live?
And if so, how do I go about doing it?


That isn't a specific Elive thing, more Linux or Debian in general and emulation in particular.

On Elive, virtualbox is already installed so I'd start using that as emulator and scour the net for a pre-installed Android image as the easiest option.

There are of course other options like qemu or android-sdk to emulate or attach an Android device but it would be best to ask (or search) how to do that in the dedicated places.

Be aware that using a "live" version as host will require a considerable amount of free RAM on the host machine, and all installs and changes will be lost on a subsequent reboot. :nod:

LMGTFY :madness:

and for the .iso file to install yourself:

and where the .ova pre-installed image file can be found here:


There's the docker solution :smiley14:

Methinks there's aplenty here to keep you off the (dangerous) streets awhile. :smiling_imp:

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