Annotating Screenshot tool

As you may have noticed,I use screenshots quite a lot in articles, HowTos or explaining stuff here on the forum.
Whilst using Enlightenment (E25) it's screenshot tool really pleased me in the way it lets you make quick annotations like text, arrows or general changes, on the fly.
On E16 that tool was missing .... we use 'scrot' through the 'elive-screenshot' tool (also through the PrtSc hotkey) or manually with the Xfce4 tool for that from the 'utility' menu. Also a fairly simple one albeit a tad more than 'scrot' with a nice option to copy to 'imgur' for hosting in the cloud.

Scouring the internet I came across a nice little program called 'flameshot' that works quite well annotating on the fly as well as offering 'imgur' storage.

  • The install is a simple 'api flameshot' away. :smile:
    The only 'issue' it has is that it doesn't show up in the menus nor as a direct command. It requires starting up with it's full path '/usr/bin/flamethrower gui' after which it will nest it self in the systray

here's some shots (of taking a flameshot :innocent:) and the options it has.

  • flameshot nested in my systray (not annotated)

  • opening widget of flameshot, showing hotkeys

  • And the available on-screen options with some in use.

I think we should check this out and, if agreed use it from the 'elive-screenshot' in place of 'scrot' by default.
It would take away the requirement of the shift+PrtSc hot key as the needed options get offered on startup .... and IMO hosting on 'imgur' is a good way to not have our hosting too heavily used by uploaded shots.

  • NOTE: I've never checked for how long 'imgur' keeps these uploads available, though. :thinking:
    Turns out it is "forever". :slight_smile:

Pennies for all your thoughts. :madness:

Imgur strictly forbids hotlinking IIRC. You can put an image there to be viewed, but you can't use it as an image hosting service for another website (or similar).

Imgur is a bit dual there. On the one hand, from their 'term of use':

Also, don't use Imgur to host image libraries you link to from elsewhere, content for your website, advertising, avatars, or anything else that turns us into your content delivery network.

But OTOH they promote sharing on other platforms:

You can upload images anonymously and share them online with only the people you choose to share them with. If you make them publicly available, they may be featured in the gallery. If you share an image publicly with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc., then it may end up in the gallery.

So I tend to go with the latter, considering the forums here are a public platform as well...albeit, admittedly there's hardly any profit in it for imgur.

So maybe it'd be safer (when i.e using pics in long term available content like wikis and HowTos) to use the elivelinux server.

good catch!

I was looking recently for a screenshot alternative that includes "editing images" similar to how useful is in WhatsApp, I tried "api deepin-screenshot" which looked nice but the copy-to-clipboard doesn't work so only for that becomes useless lol

Already implemented all for the next build :slight_smile: if you upgrade check first the new hotkey assignations in the hotkeys pdf, the new user confs includes them, and the package will be included in the next build just like with everything else said

Hmmm, I still used (scrot) 'elive-screenshot' with shift-PrSc key combo as fallback because 'flameshot' sometimes seems to hang on too many configuration changes in a row.

then the implementation of flameshot as an extra (control + PrPs) is very well made by keeping our fast and handy elive-screenshot as default :slight_smile:

question: does flameshot should appear in the "Graphics" menu or in the "Utilities / Accesories" menu? :thinking:

It doesn't show up in the menus but creates an instance in the systray after first run.

We'd need to make a .desktop entry for it but IMO isn't needed.


  • elive-help updated with the new hotkeys description
  • elive-skel-default-all includes the updated e16 bindings (you can meld this file with your conf)
  • ^ same package includes too a default conf for flameshot (like removed from systray, not needed)
  • flameshot package will be included in the next build
  • flameshot .desktop files are overwritten in a full "apug" in order to improve its menu entries

well, I was asking "on which section is better to show up?" :slight_smile: in the "Graphics" menu or in the "Utilities / Accessories" menu? (so its a question about on which category this fits better) - maybe for not saturate the Utilities menu with too many things it should be included in Graphics which is more specific to that purpose? :thinking:

'Utilities' is too filled up already....we need to bring that down. Maybe have sub-menus?
'graphics' is the obvious choice.

Albeit my 'graphics' is getting reasonably filled up too. :madness:

But not as bad as 'utility' (yet):