Any boot parameters to select e16, e17, e22, etc?

Congratulations on getting 7.16 Alpha out the door!

I am enjoying the 32-bit version which allows me to work with e16 (which I have used for more than a decade until e17 came out), it happened to be my preference while everyone else used gnome or KDE. I used to turn on the special effects like ripples or waves while exploring this thing called Linux.

I have settled on e17, despite the barrage of possible upgrade paths (e18, e20, e22) and my screenshots show off its best features, on deviantart.

Is there any way on the live USB or live DVD to boot to a specific desktop version? I plan to use the persistent sessions until I get new hardware.

Once again, thank you for this alpha release


Currently the 3.7.x has only E16 as the running desktop so it will boot into that by default.
If you want to, you can install/run E23 with "api enlightenment" in a running session after which, on logging out you will have the option to choose one or the other.
On reboot your system will boot into the last E version you were logged into automatically (if you opted for a direct log in on boot)

is there a download for a new version of 64 bit uefi 16 as I am still on 14 so inxi says
Elive 10 3.7.14 (alpha)

There are 2 different ways of upgrading.

  • Download (or vsync) the latest 3.7.16 and re-install/upgrade. Which will make you lose most of your personal changes, installs and settings aka a fresh start.
  • Upgrade the system using the commands: "apug" and "elive-upgrader". Which will keep your system "as is" including own installs and settings and simply upgrade to the what's currently available.

In the latter case your system will still identify as 3.7.14 but have everything 3.7.16 (or later) has.

ok done that numbers dont change ok

I don't suggest to use another desktop than e16, but you can try it, and it is possibly that it will magically ask you which desktop to use in your boot process if you have more than one E available :slight_smile: - please tell me if it worked

So basically:

  • make your usb persistent
  • boot in your first persistent session
  • install the last E, as: api enlightenment

UPDATE: yes, after to verify the code, if you install enlightenment in your persistence session, you should be asked which one to start from in your next persistent boot :slight_smile: :dance:

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