Anybody familiar with Endless Os?

Looks like they're catering for students/schools in the same fashion I was thinking of for Elive.

It's Bullseye based, runs Gnome and needs a particularly large image download (+10Gb) to be able to have all the apps needed to run w.o internet (including an offline wikipedia :face_with_thermometer: ).....eve the base.iso is 3.2Gb.
EOs isn't exceptionally fast or lightweight and 64bit only and requires installation to keep data (the USB is a demo only) albeit that it looks quite polished. :face_with_head_bandage:

Their key project is what I had in mind too for Elive too .... but with EndlessOs it will require a 64bit computer and Windows :shocked:

We can beat that hands down with our persistence USB. :thinking:

Later today, I'll take a deep dive on their website to see what their aim really is and if we can be of any use to them (or they to us).

  • Unless someone else has seen or experienced them before.

I've got it running in Virtualbox.

Hmmm, It's "later today" and I dove into their website and ....

  • Frankly, I'm underwhelmed. :face_with_head_bandage:

They've got great mission statements and by the look of things (their own words) some interesting apps for learning. Clearly: They are well funded.
I get the impression they've moved to the USA market to find "poor kids" who cannot afford PCs or laptops as despite their efforts, I doubt they'll be selling much with their system(s) in the 2nd or 3rd world. :thinking: A bit like the OLPC project ended..

  • This could be an interesting entrance for 'Persistent Elive'. Having multiple students/children share a common (even 32bit) PC or laptop at home or school, thus by taking turns requiring a lot less hardware in every sense :thinking:

Elive has no reason for being a better option, or a fully-ready one, it only needs to be promoted to schools / univs / students

It can be of course summarized in 3 simple things:

  • make an idea / brainstorm / create it
  • describe it correctly on the website (main promotion), with a good SEO so that it can be also found to those who search for it
  • strategies to promote it to the targets, since there's already the website describing it and the system featuring it, its ready to be promoted and used

"windows required" lol

i don't remember if the persistence of elive is described somewhere but is much more advanced than other ones, for example the desktop settings are per-hardware based, pulseaudio is restored on each different hardware too (otherwise it doesn't works), has a smart way to install / restore nvidia drivers and needed packages, cleanup of not-needed things on boots, encryption by default, etc

that's the problem of this monetary-based world... it works that way

Yes we can make pages promoting these things

For example "your USB key, your system", and kids having their own USB with everything, just plug on the computer and use your own system