Anyone tested Bedrock Linux with Elive?

Bedrock is basically a way to mix-and-match portions of Linux distros. For example, you can add the AUR to a Debian system.
Has anyone tried it on Elive?

Nope, never tried and not aiming to.

Basically (from what I read) it's a distro that enables you to shop around around on other (compatible) distros and cherry pick what you want ....... "on Elive" is a bit of a misnomer.

So, at best you could set it up to run a 100% Elive and then start adding/removing stuff.

At worst you could create a personalized "Frankenheimer" that might go rampant after a while, like when other used/hi-jacked distro parts undergo extensive changes.

But if you do try, do tell us what happens. :dance:

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