App to "undelete" files

Anyone knows a good and easy app that can undeletede files ?
in my case it's on a SDCard.

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I am presently giving a try to testdisk using the command line... Seems simple to use


I do like foremost.
It is very simple. Install the system and you have to copy the /etc/foremost.conf to a userfolder and edit the definitions (delete the comment (#) symbol)

The program foremost will go bit to bit through the filesystem and performs a pattern search with the config file ...
It is as simple as effective.

Photorec does nearly the same.
ddrescue is more to recover filesystems than files. Maybe in your case it will help.


Its already included in elive by default :slight_smile: it should show in the menus


BTW, if your SD card is corrupt (=the physical hardware wore out) most utilities might not be able to help. Even a dd image for me just reads ls: cannot read (whatever): Input/output error and even though testdisk showed everything on screen, and exporting would work after I "rebuilt the filesystem" or whatever inside testdisk, the files couldn't be read ( it was structure needs cleaning for files and input/output error for folders, and fsck couldn't read the inodes or something and just it was way too much work (and I doubt that the lost+found directory was able to be read)).

I speak from experience and will NEVER use unbranded sd cards that are included with products again. :ohmygod:

Fortunately all I had was a NAND backup of my Wii, and CTGP-R, both of which could be rewritten (and all my time trials were uploaded to the ctgp-r ghost database).