Application Menu language does not change with different sytem language

I have changed the system language from English to my own one, but the applcation menu stubbornly still is in English. I can tinker with ~/.e16/menus/, but when I log back in or reboot, my translations are overwritten. Is there any way to prevent this, or do I need to fire up eltrans (so everybody else can take advantage in the future)?

I use the French Canadian language and I have the menu in my language.
May be you are missing a language pack for your language ??

If you left click in the wallpaper, in the settings menu there is a "Configuration of language and keyboard" menu (not sure of the exact translation, mine is in french).
Try it and set the language/keyboard to yours.

I hope it helps,


Thank you very much for your reply. I know about that menu, and I have set everything - language and keyboard - to German in my case, but nevertheless the menu popping up when you left-click the wallpaper with Terminal, Network, Graphics, Office etc. still is in English. The items in those categories, however, i.e. the names of the applications, are in German.

I messed around with it a bit and set the keyboard/language to French, but there it was the same: the categories in English, and the app names in French. Really strange.

I found out that you can edit the menu.list which contains the category names, and translate them to whatever you like. After saving the changes the category names are in the language you put into that menu.list. Unfortunately at the next reboot these changes are overwritten by some script apparently, since English comes back. This is not the end of the world, of course, but it would be nice to know what exactly is responsible for overwriting the translations. And of course: how would one prevent this, if possible?

All the best