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I can’t edit application menu using Settings>All>Menus>Menu Settings. shot-2018-08-27_14-40-02
I don’t know if i want to add a new category for newly installed applications how to do that…

I never tried but after seeing your post, I just looked everywhere and didn’t find anything to achieve that.

When @Thanatermesis is back, he’ll be able to let you know if it can be done.

It is so fast for me to Alt + Esc to access App (typing the 1st letters of the app name) that I don’t need such a feature.

And as Elive is not memory hungry, I leave all the apps I often use opened in different workspace to access it easily using the Virtual Desktop(workspace) applet/gadget at the top right.

Category? what you mean?.. it should be automatically-correctly shown in their specific categories, otherwise the problem should be by the application itself which didn’t provided a correctly structured .desktop file (on which also is set which category/ies to use)

I don’t know .desktop file structured well or not. I’ve installed Clementine Music Player which should automatically shown up in the Sound section. Unfortunately i didn’t find it there. If any application fails to detect its specific category it should fall into a category named Others if it possible. If it doesn’t is there any way to make it manually?

This is how exactly works :slight_smile:

Nope, it should contain a correct .desktop file for it to be displayed correctly

How you installed clementine? from the elive default repos? try to run the command: api clementine

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