"apug" command disappeared

"apug" seems to have dissappeared from my Elive beta 64 v 3.8.13. Terminal reports $ 'command not found'. However the full command sudo apt-get update or upgrade are functioning.

That would suggest that "alias" has gone or you're using a different shell than expected.
Check what you've got available with "alias|grep apt" ... if "api" (or others) isn't there ... you've got an issue.

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returns nothing
I changed the theme of zsh, could that be the problem?

Yes, you probably overwrote the path to the aliases doing that.
No worry ... just roll your own by adding the following lines to your ~/.zshrc (they can be found in your ~/.bashrc BTW):

# some useful apt/dpkg aliases
alias aps="apt-get source"
alias apse="apt-cache search"
alias apsh="apt-cache show"
alias appo="apt-cache policy"
alias apu="sudo apt-get update"
alias apug="sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade"
alias api="sudo apt-get install"
alias apui="sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install"
alias apif="sudo apt-get -f install"
alias apr="sudo apt-get remove"
local package
sudo apt-get update
for package in "$@" ; do sudo rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/"$package"_*.deb ; done
sudo apt-get install --reinstall "$@"
alias apfs="apt-file search"
alias dpi="sudo dpkg -i"
alias dpl="dpkg -l"
alias dpL="dpkg -L"

After which you'll have those apt related aliases available again.


Worked perfectly :applause:
Also learnt something about shell scripting


Having trouble creating new threads on this forum/platform. My New topic button is greyed out . I can only reply on already open threads. Did i exceed my three strikes?

No, nothing wrong here .... might be your browser or connection.
You're (understandably) hijacking a thread here. :angry:
Will delete in due time.

Thanks: was almost tearing my hair out ! Now that i recall i had two kernel panics instigated by firefox and had to F1 out of them without rebooting. Might be the reason for my distress. I need to upgrade to v3.8.14 beta so that I dont muddy the waters again.

:innocent: No worries