Automatic twitter published when a new article is submitted

I just wrote a small feature on the website that, when somebody submits an article about Elive (and it is accepted), automatically a twitter is sent about it, using an external command, the tool used is "oysttyer"


wohooo :happy_dance:

mentions: @triantares @Rebel450 @yoda @TheTechRobo @maxinou etc...


And on top, I repost/forward those messages to the mastodon muliverse/fediverse (specifically as of late. :smile:

if we can automate the social medias, the better :slight_smile:
is fostodon a real network? doesn't looks like to work here

No, fostodon is a server that is connected to the fediverse through 'mastodon'. You will need to create a mastodon account there, before being able to post.

Considering I'm already (re))posting there, and indirectly to other servers through its connections, it might be worthwhile for you to look for another server like ''.

For instance 'nick the linux experiment' has connections to multiple sites and apparently receives quite a lot of views more through mastodon than twitter.

Mastodon is a good (extra) alternative to twitter, in fact we should have a social account to everything :slight_smile: and post the same thing in each one in order to increase presence and impact

yes this is another todo list

btw I recently was with a friend which told me some reddit tips to improve my karma and also impact

Post memes :slight_smile:

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