Background picture on 2 screen and Time gadget


Is it Enlightement that is reponsible for the Background Desktop pictures ?

If I save one picture for each screen, after reboot or if I log out and back, the configuration of the 2 difference background pictures is not saved

Neither the place where I want the CLOCK ( TIme)…

People with one screen, are you Desktop settings saves and restored properly ?

I don’t see any option to adjust my desktop time or date. It showing system default time. Clock settings just weird to setup time.

it is automatically updated based in your geolocation, if is not the correct hour can be due to a localtime/utc wrong detection (mostly caused by using a windows system in the same computer) or because your country was wrongly detected (maybe some countries have different timezones, hum)

pretty sure, i didnt tested much this with 2 screens, unfortunately Elive uses an old E17 which has no more development (except the one made in elive), switching to newer E can improve this (but on such case we will lack special features and ecomorph)

Mine is always ok.
Only the “position” is not kept… I move it under the Virtual Desktop square and at reboot or log out and back in, it’s back at the top left of the screen.

Also, whas is an easy way to display the date ? Setting on the clock gadget, allow to show the date it it is very very small / not readable.

I would recommend you to try to “add a new gadget” in / from that desktop, assigned to a clock emodule

I use “ctrl + alt + t” and run the command “date” or “cal”

LOL i know
If Elive is also targetting non programmer or Command Line Geek user, ( just making fun of you), then a better applet/Gadget for date would be cool. I will but it in the suggestions for after 3.0

Sure! but who will write them? :slight_smile:

I was used to other distros and the team managing the distro do not always wirte the code.

The often find good apps/Gadget/Applet gadget already written and incorporate them into their distro. Much faster, easier and the end result is often the same.

By coding everything, you control the quality but at the cost of being late of App version, kernel version, etc.

When it make sense, I think you could use apps or tools written for Debian and incorporate them in Elive ?

I know, it will come at a price ( may be less well coded, take more memory, more chances of instability etc…)

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BTW I am now running 95% of the time on ELive I was not complaining.

I use a VM for what I can’t do on Elive and I do love Elive.

But may be to catch up a bit you could use other apps, code etc as quick fix… .ELive will may be get more popular, attract more people and donations etc


there’s a lot! :slight_smile: , but there’s also a lot of not-enough-ones, like the screens configurator, or even a decent volumes mixer, so i always needed to do some hacks or my own coding for having them correctly integrated in elive

instability also means more work for me lol

Well, the perfect thing will be that the user can code their own applications and share them among other Elive users (like a gadget), but to make this correctly integrated, controlled, and correctly working will be also a good amount of work, I have big ideas to make Elive collaborated by everybody in a friendly way but to make this real is another point… maybe if the Elive croundfunding will reach 50k, but that is not possible with the actual amount of users

That’s very good news :slight_smile:, it means that Elive 3.0 is pretty ready as a final system

BTW I just fixed yesterday a small bug that i found in persistence, will upload a new 3.0 candidate today

Sure, by other side a very good thing that Elive has is that can be a “perfectly working final product” (talking specially about their 10-years-process stable versions lol), something that not much distros can have