BeautyLine icons for Elive E16 now available

The Elive-E16 icon repo is 'public' now:

Albeit still a work in progress....So changes may be due.
Soon it will be available as an Elive .deb too.

Considering that there's 2 options to install icons:

  1. System wide in '/usr/share/icons/' ... where they'll need to be for 'cairo-dock' to find them through the GUI appearance tab.


  1. in '$HOME/.local/share/icons/' Where 'lxappearance' (in 'preferences ->Customize look and feel' menu) puts them when importing.

That is something to be reckoned with.

Feel free to use and report issues, wishes, ugly or missing icons.

I LOVE THEM!!! Candy Icons were great too!
How about an icon for Shutter encoder? Or did I miss that? You should consider having that app in future Elive releases or at least included in the software store.

never even heard of it .... I'll take a look and add an icon if possible.

I had a look and saw that the program is actually a "java" program.
That will mean it'll bring in its own icon even if we do create a specific system icon for it.

Considering that it mainly uses "ffmpeg" and there are many other apps with a similar functionality and it requires that extra "java" layer, I don't think it will be included by default.

Do you have a compelling reason (other than personal habit) to prefer "shutter encoder" above the already available apps like "handbrake"?
I'd be quite interested to know, as personally I've never found the ideal editor. On the contrary, different editors do different jobs quite well (including ffmpeg in the terminal for small/quick tweaks) with different, sometimes heavy loads on available hardware.

All in all i looks pretty good (and its FOSS :slight_smile: ) so I'll give it a test-ride soon ..... but that will be for a different thread. :offtopic: