Benchmarking filesystem performances

For the 3.7.x versions, could be nice if someone has some free time to betatest system performances (not really an important thing but will be nice to know), for example about the filesystems.

By default I like to use now btrfs + compression, which improves in the size of the disk usage and also a faster system (data takes less space = less time needed to fetch it), the compression requires some extra cpu usage but it is really not much, and not in all the cases, but the best way to know that, is by benchmarking tests

These these can be done in this way:

  1. to check how the system "feels like" (if it feels fast in the usage, not laggy, etc...), this test is not very reliable since cannot be calculated with exactitude, and only is useful if it is really noticeable (do not report anything if you don't see a major difference)
  2. boot up speed: the boot up process requires access to misc data and so it is easy to calculate the performance in this way, for that, you need a chronometer to count since the moment you press "enter" in the grub menu, to the moment that the first element of your graphical system is drawn in your screen (autologin enabled)
  3. Reiser4 (this should beat every other benchmark! but i have difficulty trying to include it at the moment)
  4. run the command "time tree /usr", annotate the total time required for the operation (shown in the final of the command)

Also, disable entirely any swap partition (these things never worked and they only slow down systems), and of course all the tests in the same machine, disk should be a mechanical one (SSD's are already and too fast, we don't care much about them because of that, but more about the algorithms used for mechanical ones)

Different modes to test:

  1. BTRFS installation with compression
  2. BTRFS installation without compression (at this moment the installer doesnt include this option)
  3. BTRFS + comp + encryption (encryption slows down the system?), note: this benchmark is not possible to calculate with boot time since more operations are needed and also the inserting of the password
  4. EXT4 filesystem
  5. slow computers (maybe 32bit builds), compare btrfs + comp with ext4 installs

About the desktops, no needed to benchmark anything

More tests to include on the list? suggestions?

.... mhm .....

send me a dl link :wink:

I'd try but alas I've only got 5G mobile data left this month and will only be at home this weekend where I have broadband. If I see some spare time I'll give a shout. :crazy_face:

After to write these results Reiser4, futuristic FileSystem from outer space!, I think that no benchmarks are needed, at all :rofl2: