Better menus in the Elive website

I think we have a problem of intuitiveness / UX in the menus of the elive website.

I never liked much how the menus are distributed especially for the About, Docs, and Support entries, if you check them in the website, they feel like repeated :thinking:

So basically the idea for the next menus will be something like:

About Screenshots Features Docs Support - [Downloads] [Donate]


  • The download one is a "button" as you can see on the actual website, so its the most important option in the menus and needs to be visible
  • The last "donate" is not fully decide yet, but I think is important to keep the donation visually and reachable in all the website

The problem is not exactly these ones but all the entries that are inside, for example where to find the FAQ? its in the Docs one, but it sounded like it should be Support, so maybe they should be merged in a single one

Screenshots can be put inside Features (since Features is an improved concept of what Screenshot is meant to do)

But again, the main problem is the distribution of all submenus and all the organization, like:

  • should News be in About or in Support?
  • should Subscribe be in About or should be Support? etc...
  • do we should rename About & Support to a single one? and what about Docs too?
  • note that a short word is better for readability and horizontal size, for example "docs" is only 4 chars

So they are actually like this:

  • About
    • News
    • Subscribe
    • Testimonials
    • Contact
    • Logos
  • Screenshots
  • Docs
    • FAQs (on, so important ones)
    • Howtos (from forum)
    • Q&A (the FAQs from the forum, so more of them)
  • Support
    • Community
    • Live Chat
    • Get Involved (forum sections)
    • Source Code
    • Bug Reports
    • Donate
    • Promote Elive (how many people does it?)

Tell there your suggestions, I think these menus needs to improved in a more intuitive way and better organized

mentions: @triantares @TheTechRobo @LupusE @maxinou @stoppy98 @linux23dragon @subrms @jfbourdeau @Rebel450 @Franc @IamElive @zbd @freebsd124 ...

<TheTechRobo/#elive/2023-04-04 12:09> Maybe move the Contact link from the "About" menu to just an option right there? No submenu

Re this:

<keyra> If you're having problems receiving your donation, please contact us from the webpage!
<EliveWeb_21> That is a JOKE too, there is no contact on your main website

And honestly I agree, it's kinda unintuitive to look in About for the contact page... :thinking:

My personal Opinions:

  • news in "About" and so should "subscribe" be considering the 2 are fairly closely related
  • I would put screenshots in "docs" as a submenu.
  • I would keep "docs" and "support" as a separate button especially as it would get a very long submenu if concatenated.
  • Adding 'Donate' is a very good idea. It actually is hard to find separately. I would rename 'Downloads' to 'Download' (as in imperative) so as to be more like 'Donate' (and not 'Donations').

I disagree. With any app, the first place to look for 'contact' is under the 'Help'->'About' menu.

My personal quick look when checking out a new distro:

  1. What DE is on offer and what are the other options (if any) ..... i.e screenshots.
  2. What is it built on? (Arch, RPM, DEB, Gentoo, etc.)
  3. How/where do I download and is it a 'live' version .... and how big is the .iso?
  4. A quick glance at hardware 'requirements'.

After which I test-drive the live.iso and when taking a further look inside and running into issues I might take a deeper look on the website (or google it).

So IMO a website should be very simple (eliciting a download/donation) with the plethora of extra info on a second (or 3rd) level down into the site.

Changes made:

  • Download(s) -> Download , in the main menu
  • Donate , in the main menu added (I wanted to do this since long time, but if there's no donations in 2 months from there I think I will remove it :thinking:)
  • Support -> Community renamed to Forum
  • Support -> Promote Elive moved to the 'About' section (near to Logos)
  • About -> Contact moved to the 'Support' section and in the end, to make it more intuitive to find it
  • Added a few missing icons for improve intuitiveness
  • Improved all other icons too

I assume that the place for this info is in the homepage (not in a submenu), but of course this info needs to be easy to find (so suggestions for the actual homepage welcome too)

More suggestions as how it looks now?

In general, i find the Elivecd homepage requires too much scrolling and thus an almost infinite amount of unreadable text, making it hard to navigate.

I prefer large enticing images, short texts and fast links to downloading/donating.

All additional information should be a level further down in the hierarchy i.e explicitly searched for.

Note that the homepage is going to be rewritten in the future, I think the better is to "just improve it" now so it can be used as a base for the future one (and/or including similarly structured information, like what you can find in the first scroll)

My point being that:

  1. These days, nobody is going to stop scrolling and read all that text ..... they'll be looking for the 'fast & furious' options i.e pictures, headlines and links.

  2. Those that DO want to sit down and read the text will not be put off by 'diving into' it i.e clicking a submenu or link.

In short: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).
The current (1st) homepage is just too long and way too intricate ..... with actually nothing a quick visitor is interested in besides the sub-menus.
If anything, it's distracting at best and off-putting at worst. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I don't think you should remove. Your redesign is good (less (items) is more (usability)), so there is space for this button, in focus that the project needs donations.
And lately I've seen a lot of pages with 'please donate' on every page, two or three times... One prominent point in the menu should be fine.

FAQs are not Docs. But both are Support (or Help).

  • Faq should be written by the developers, it is some kind of a manual or description that don't fit in the GUI/CLI. Not longer than 2 sentences per A for a Q (more A are possible)
  • Docs should be from a technical writer and focus on the function/interface of a program or module within a program. It should be a whole text, the length depends on the purpose of the described element.

Basically "Docs" should be removed and these 3 entries should be merged into the Support category? :thinking:

@LupusE @triantares @TheTechRobo

Ok check the new menus, I removed the Docs category and put everything inside the Support one, but in a different mode (called "mega-menu"), so the entries are now distributed in 3 sub-categories, I think it is much better organized this way :happy:

Update: Colors are improved too, buttons are now rounded :thinking:

There's a similar idea for the future Features category/pages, a "mega-menu" like this one showing all the existing elive features

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  • Colors are improved too
  • buttons are now rounded :thinking:

Should the titles of the sub-category's in Support, the first one be named "docs" or "help" ? :thinking: I think "docs" because forums is also a help... or maybe the "community" should be named "help" ? :thinking:

Yeah .... the menus look good. :1up:

Now to clean up and lose all the text on the page itself.

not yet, in fact that a last thing to do :see_no_evil: why: because I want to create the Features pages, so from them, there will be created the future Homepage (adding a very short snippet for each feature to link into), so these pages needs to be created first for both "having contents to link to" and "to summarize the full page in an attracting sentence"