Better USB writer tool

The website of Elive needs to provide to the users (experienced & specially novice ones) a simple but friendly, easy to use, stable and reliable tool to record the USB with the Elive isos

@jfbourdeau recommended me to try this tool

It can be a replacement of the USBWriter tool provided in the website, specially since I see that includes download for all OS’s (windows, linux, mac)

It should be tested (volonteers?) with the next requirements:

  • accepts both USB & DVD images to be recorded
  • the recorded image is the original and not modified one (shows the Elive menu at boot)
  • persistence works without problems
  • linux OS’s can use the tool without libraries or dependencies conflicts or difficulties of installation

If so, then the website can suggest to use this tool to make easier the usage of Elive in their computers :slight_smile:

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