Bluethooth driver?

I have a new Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, bluetooth.

I bought a USB bluetooth adapter that is working in Ubuntu

I just installed clean Elive on my PC, click during the installation I wanted Bluetooth support and I can’t see where to configure bluetooth in Elive
Tks for the help

ok was able to open the bluetooth tool…
It can’t recognized the keyboard… Will work on that and let you know if I need help

OK I tried with 2 different brand of Bluetooth adapter working on Ubunutu. and Elive Bluetooth New Device Setup can’t see my Microsoft Keyboard

Anything I could try ? ( I can take another keyboard using Elive, but would we cool to make my new MS Ergonomic keyboard works)

Is the keyboard recent? Try to check if the driver is available/the keyboard is working properly under Debian wheezy

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Yeah search a howto in google for “configure bluetooth keyboard debian wheezy” and it must tell you if you are missing something, like a package

Make sure that you dont have uninstalled the bluetooth support in the installation process

Better to do tests in Live mode too

The internet gadget has also a bluetooth launcher if im not wrong

command “dmesg” can help showing info

IN case it help

BLuetooth is ok, I connected my CellPhone using BLuetooth, was recognized.

I Just need to make some research for my Microsoft keyboard (not being recognized) If it’s like printers, it’s some Drivers problem ?


Yes, the most probable issue is drivers related, what’s the keyboard’s model name?

Microsft surface… it says model 1786 but I see it on the web under different model number


I had the same issue using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I thought it would be worth posting my solution. This was an issue with the version of bluez that is included (assuming it’s the same for this distro). BLE doesn’t work correctly before bluez 5.42. I had to manually backport 5.43 (the 17.10 version) to get mine to work. Here are instructions for Ubuntu:

May I try to upgrade that component ? What is the easy way ? We are version 4.99 and it seem that more recent version of the bluetooth app would fix my MS problem

something like this would be safe ?

lol i was going to say “anything labeled Microsoft is perfectly normal that it doesn’t works”, in fact if works, you should return it to the seller, but then I have seen the link saying “microsoft keyboard paired but not working”… damn

I would recommend to sell it in wallpapop / ebay and buy a good one lol

but don’t listen to me, im a keyboard maniac and I don’t find a good keyboard in the entire world

half-jokes apart, i dont recommend to upgrade the driver, specially in a howto that is not for wheezy (and even worse if is for ubuntu), i would change the keyboard or wait for an update

but, you can do any experiment as you want in Live mode, which is perfectly safe to play with

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For ergonomic needs, ergodox can be a very good choice, or kinesis advantage… but they are very expensive keyboards

if your wrists hurts, one of the main causes is your mouse (didn’t feel that your right hand hurts more?)

there’s many factors that affects to the pain in wrists:

  • the pressure of the keys, ideally it must be 45g or less of pressure
  • hands must be separated
  • your layout should not have contortionist movements, this means learning a good layout (thats a lot of work) or not using a crazy one like the one i wrote: GitHub - Thanatermesis/thanakblayout: This is a modification of the spanish (es) keyboard layout for a more faster and accessible work - (which leaded to an exesive use of a combo key in the small finger, noticing increased pain after 1-2 months of usage)
  • keys should be vertically-aligned like in an ergodox keyboard, which is the natural movement of the fingers, why we still use distorted keys like in typewriters? humans has fear of the evolution, we should kill the conservative maniacs!
  • bla bla bla bla

No left wrist hurt more. I will keep it (can still return it, I had it for 30 days less/ can return it ) for when we upgrade kernel.

Been typing my own method ( very fast) for 40 years lOL now trying to learn the real method as my hands are seperate on an ergonomic keyboard

BTW Elive includes an application to learn typing, in education applications section

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!!! it is perfect , beautifull LOL
Then I will try to make my MS keyboard works LOL to not have to reboot in ubuntu for my lessons

that’s the weirdest keyboard i’ve ever seen

that’s great i just checked it out

Yoda, don't know if you solved the problem; I'm using my magic mouse in elive (bluetooth) and works perfect


Yes, the last updates includes full bluetooth support :slight_smile: (only tested with headphones, speaker, and a keyboard bluetooth which doesn't works lol), so its good that you tested with mouse too :smiley:

More bluetooth tests are welcome from those who can devices! for exmaple the sending / receiving files from phones and the other feautres that are listed avaialble