Booting HP Pavillon laptop brings "6.2144301 ACPI Error: Could not enable SleepButton event (20200110/evxfevnt)"

Hello community,

how can I get rid of the ACPI error message that is displayed whilst booting?
Am I missing an important feature by not having the SleepButton Event enabled?

Hi SickNature,

as I would write 'ACPI blah blah is a standard blah blah, ignored by the vendors blah blah ...' I've googled a little and found somebody, who explained it better than I've could: Unable to Boot after installation , ACPI errors - Ask Ubuntu
Please read all the text from answered Nov 30 '18 at 5:10

The acpi=force and acpi=strict could work well. I would not use acpi=off, if there is another solution. Also a good start is always to upgrade the firmware/driver/BIOS.
These kinds of errors will also appear under Windows, but they appear 'better hidden'. How often do you take a look in the event log?