Brainstorming website optimizations

My mobile data got capped this month because I exceeded my monthly data-bundle. That means I get throttled down in speed.
With a non-4G connection it's practically impossible to open the page ..... it's way too heavy and takes ages to even become usable. Really bad.

I'd advise having a simple (but pretty) static HTML entry/welcome page that allows for choosing where to go i.e direct links to:

  1. The current opening page (which I call "the book" due to it's massive TLDR content)
  2. The downloads page (for those in a hurry) to try
  3. the forums (here)
  4. Announcements
  5. and of course the donate/support section.

That "Welcome" should be light and fast (like Elive) i.e no javascript whatsoever nor animations or heavy graphics. Meaning: NOT Wordpress.
That simple page will also allow for quick changes and announcements when needed w.o risking the structure of the whole website.

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