Brightness and volume buttons not working

hi there ,
i have a samsung n150 elive installed
trying FN + volume and brightness buttons but not working … how do i solve this problem pls ?

I am too lazy, to look by myself. So I am leaving this hint:

I know there is a ‘samsung-tool’, that will help for some samsung-linux issues. But I’ve never used it. I read a lot from voria, as I was setting up my ‘Samsung NC 10’.

In the old days, I’ve always started with ‘xev’ at any terminal. This little helper shows you what key is pressed. You can see if any keypress is seen by the system (or the keyboard is broken or the hotkeys are mapped internal, and than map the keys, using any tool (for example the udev rules, mentioned in the first hint).

Elive 3.0 is based on Debian Wheezy, so this doc should help you: InstallingDebianOn/Samsung/Samsung N150 - Debian Wiki

Search about the grub / brightness part which talks about wheezy, see if that works, in such case, show me the output of the command:

lshal | grep -i n150

So that I will implement it autodetected from the installer

On my Helix2 the Fn and brightness do NOT work but on the other hand the brightness slider on the right hand side (under) of the screen, does work. So that indeed is NOT a problem only a matter of habit.
The Fn and other keys do work so check if this is the same on your machine.

Fn + Volume is a tricky bugger. If I use the Fn+mute/unmute sometimes it takes quite a while for the Fn+Volume+ to be heard but it does work. Then again I do have pulseaudio installed and just letting the audio-configurator do it’s job (again) always solves the problem.

I had an IBM thinkpad with Fn keys coupled with brightness and volume. In order to make them work with Elive and its brightness and volume sliders there were acpi-tools that could be installed, and the respective controls on the desktop made them easier to adjust.

The forum does not allow links (for Thinkpads so I’m not stressing over this) but it is searchable as acpi-tools under laptops

You’d just get more Information of a VW Golf II as of a Skoda Fabia. Even if these cars are comparable, the fan-base is much different.
A lot of developers are using a Thinkpad as workhorse, but mostly students with lower budget are using (Samsung) Netbooks. Okay, a friend of mine bought a Samsung Laptop, because the red cover looks nicer at the desk, than a Thinkpad … And I had to deal with a lot of preinstalled Windows Crapware and Windows 7 Home.

Short version: If you want to ‘just get it work’, use a Thinkpad. If you have other plans, don’t expect everything will work out of the box.
Even some (newer) Thinkpads needs a little tweaking, but the effort is much less.

You can’t compare the Thinkpad with Samsung Netbooks.
The Thinkpad even got a own wiki with a lot of hints: ThinkWiki
Beside the ThinkWiki, a look at the Arch forums is always helpful. The guys are good hackers for special hardware.
For Samsung I recommend reading
For Laptops i general, a good starting is

Especially when you’d click around the last link, you’ll getting a hint, why Elive could never cover all variations.
But on the other hand @Thanatermesis is one of the most active person I know, who is interested do it anyway. So give him a chance.

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