Brightness not working 3.0.6

F11, F12 button not working
slider on the panel is also not working

Slider at 0% by default

changing the normal backlight dont give a damn to the monitor, it still shine bright as sunshine a.k.a 100%

my full inxi output

i hope the dev can look at this matter ASAP.
good luck:pray:

Let's see if/when 3.0.6 is installed it still has the same issues. Maybe direct hardware access does a better job. :thinking:

On my old Asus, (running 3.0.6 live) that has a single core Celeron the slider doesn't do anything either but the brightness up/down buttons ( Fn + <- or -> on my machine) do.

too bad, it still.

If the acpi or hardware callbacks doesn't works correctly, you may try to configure (add) the keys from the enlightenment (desktop) settings, to trigger the screen dimming options

If these keys doesn't works, you can in fact just configure any kind of key to trigger these actions :slight_smile:

the command "xev" can help to read the internal events detected by the keyboard, just in case