Brother printer and scanner working


The version 3.7.x should support on the fly the Broadcom printers and/or scanners,

@triantares has a BrotherDCP 1510 printer/scanner model, can you betatest it? (when i upload the version) :slight_smile:

:furrydance: working on the fly :furrydance: working on the fly :furrydance:


Yep, no problem. I used the .deb files offered on their site until now. :smiley14:

Still using 3.0 to print and scan on the 1510, ubuntu wouldn't and I couldn't be bothered. Removing Ubuntu this weekend and installing Buster, anyway.


But is good to have it working by default :slight_smile: specially for novice users that doesn't knows the meaning of a driver lol

Installing Elive 3.7.x maybe? since its a buster too :slight_smile: (which if wanted, its not hard to install and use any other desktop instead)


Just as a few experiments that I did, from Live mode of 3.7.x (console-only mode boot), run "api weston" and then run "weston", you will have a Wayland desktop running! (wayland is the future replacement of the X11 xorg graphical server), its funny to try it, you can almost see that the bytes are flowing in a different way than when you are in xorg (try win key + middle-click dragging a window, this feature only exists in wayland! not xorg)

Also, "api gnome compiz fusion-icon" and you can play with newer compiz under gnome, not bad experience, but seemed like compiz replaced the entire desktop, Im sure there's some missing package or something similar, but i don't even have experience with gnome and i won't invest more time investigating about this, but in any case the default gnome included looks really good if you want to use a buster system + elive features (tools, terminal configurations, or any of the other hundreds of packages)


Oh believe me, once 3.7 (do you have a name yet? ) is there I will install it on anything 64 bit that stays still long enough for me to get my hands on. :nod:
In the meantime I'll install Buster as Ubuntus "netplan" and "NetworkManager" combo forces me to edit the nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf by hand every time it wakes up. Terrific: netplan calls in NetworkManager and NetworkManager calls in netplan. If I had only a single AP I'd configure (edit /etc/netplan/*.yaml) netplan to use "networkd" :face_vomiting:


Gnome has some settings that can be configured through Firefox ..... I think it's counter intuitive and an unneeded extra layer. Other than that it's come a long way to become a more consistent experience since the last century. KDE1 was a breath of fresh air compared to Gnome at the time.
On Ubuntu I run compiz so as to have the Unity desktop, which I actually find much better than Gnome.


3.0 was Opal (not very known in fact), but normally development (alpha & beta) versions will not have a name, only the stable versions, 3.7.x is a very early release with a mixed state of usability for the desktops

what is in fact the package/s that are needed to install to have these desktops?, i installed gnome but i dont know if is unity, mate, etc and i think that some things was missing on it