Brother printer and scanner working

The version 3.7.x should support on the fly the Broadcom printers and/or scanners,

@triantares has a BrotherDCP 1510 printer/scanner model, can you betatest it? (when i upload the version) :slight_smile:

:furrydance: working on the fly :furrydance: working on the fly :furrydance:

Yep, no problem. I used the .deb files offered on their site until now. :smiley14:

Still using 3.0 to print and scan on the 1510, ubuntu wouldn't and I couldn't be bothered. Removing Ubuntu this weekend and installing Buster, anyway.

But is good to have it working by default :slight_smile: specially for novice users that doesn't knows the meaning of a driver lol

Installing Elive 3.7.x maybe? since its a buster too :slight_smile: (which if wanted, its not hard to install and use any other desktop instead)

Just as a few experiments that I did, from Live mode of 3.7.x (console-only mode boot), run "api weston" and then run "weston", you will have a Wayland desktop running! (wayland is the future replacement of the X11 xorg graphical server), its funny to try it, you can almost see that the bytes are flowing in a different way than when you are in xorg (try win key + middle-click dragging a window, this feature only exists in wayland! not xorg)

Also, "api gnome compiz fusion-icon" and you can play with newer compiz under gnome, not bad experience, but seemed like compiz replaced the entire desktop, Im sure there's some missing package or something similar, but i don't even have experience with gnome and i won't invest more time investigating about this, but in any case the default gnome included looks really good if you want to use a buster system + elive features (tools, terminal configurations, or any of the other hundreds of packages)

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Oh believe me, once 3.7 (do you have a name yet? ) is there I will install it on anything 64 bit that stays still long enough for me to get my hands on. :nod:
In the meantime I'll install Buster as Ubuntus "netplan" and "NetworkManager" combo forces me to edit the nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf by hand every time it wakes up. Terrific: netplan calls in NetworkManager and NetworkManager calls in netplan. If I had only a single AP I'd configure (edit /etc/netplan/*.yaml) netplan to use "networkd" :face_vomiting:

Gnome has some settings that can be configured through Firefox ..... I think it's counter intuitive and an unneeded extra layer. Other than that it's come a long way to become a more consistent experience since the last century. KDE1 was a breath of fresh air compared to Gnome at the time.
On Ubuntu I run compiz so as to have the Unity desktop, which I actually find much better than Gnome.

3.0 was Opal (not very known in fact), but normally development (alpha & beta) versions will not have a name, only the stable versions, 3.7.x is a very early release with a mixed state of usability for the desktops

what is in fact the package/s that are needed to install to have these desktops?, i installed gnome but i dont know if is unity, mate, etc and i think that some things was missing on it

So 3.7.x -> 3.8 -> 3.9 will be the prelude of 4.0 Sapphire; I think Sapphire because Elive's corporate ID is blue, like the sapphires and if we want to make a big communication effort I think our favourite graphic designers :wink: would make some nice gifts to promote it @Rebel450 @triantares @Thanatermesis what do you think about?



When I was in Ceylon, nowadays Sri Lanka,
I bought a Sapphire named "Kornblumenblau"
it was beautyful.
Codename Sapphire agreed .

Am not sure If I was meant (?)
but If you like I could create some artwork to this ...


If you are so kind...... is that I insinuate, but I want to ask you for those artworks directly... but the final choice of codename it would be done by @Thanatermesis before you start to work on the sapphire's artworks

Let's wait what @Thanatermesis says :flushed:

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you are free to do and share artworks on the forums :slight_smile: (if im not wrong there's a section for that), we will see in the future if we can use them (and how)

sapphire sounds good to me for a release :slight_smile: but we need to know first the final result before to give the codename (for example if the final look is dark, which is probably, or at least the actual ones are, sapphire would be not so correct for this kind of os-looknfeel)

but to know the final result is needed to know first which desktop is going to be released for the final version

maybe is e16, just in order to "mark / have" a stable release as 4.0 and then start the (gigantic work) for the 5.0 with a recent Enlightenment version. OR, maybe is not a good idea to release a stable version as e16 ? in order to not degrade the "how good elive is" on its final result (you know, e17 is much much more featured, friendlier, more beautiful, with more possibilities, etc, while e16 is a very usable and stable alternative)