Bug found in the download of the elive isos - solved


8 days ago the plugins of the website have been updated (wordpress), and one of them turned entirely broke the email service of the website, this means:

  • nobody was able to download Elive in the last 8 days (158 users)
  • any other email that should have been sent from the website, was never sent

Unfortunately nobody reported me this problem until now, so it was never been fixed before, but thanks to this person who posted in a rare thread in the old forum (thanks to the RSS news reader application) http://forum.elivecd.org/read.php?40,9088,9089 he was able to report me the issue

This is of course, a sad news, remaking the how important is to report bugs in order to be solved

I’m finishing to fix the issue and triggering every requested download to be sent, with a specific message saying the reason of the delay


@yoda @grottem question: do you think that this “bug” entry fits correctly in this “announcements” section? (its not an announcement like a new/good thing, but its a notification about something that happened to the websites)


I would report it yes. Transparency


Of if you prefer only to notify the people affected and send them an email, it could be ok too ?