Can I run a script from startup-applicatios.list?

Is it possible to run a script from startup-applications.list or is there a better or more elegant way to achieve this?
Thanks for enlightening me :wink:

Old post, but I've just seen it now.

The startup-applications.list contains some .desktop entry to execute at start.
You can install "dex" and then execute a desktop entry with: dex /path/of/entry.desktop
Or you can execute the whole list with : dex ~/.e16/startup-applications.list
gtk-launcher is also supposed to be able to do that but it didn't work on my installation.

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The 'easiest' way to run a personal script on E16 login, is to create a command that starts the wanted script from startup-applications.list.

I.e create the executable (chmod +x) in '~/.local/bin/' and point to that in '~/.e16/startup-applications.list'

Yes it supports both .desktop files and commands too :slight_smile: